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My "Reclaiming RSS" post now has a French translation thanks to the lovely folks at @Framasoft

French (HTTPS): framablog.org/2018/07/16/les-f

English (DAT): dat://ar.al/2018/06/29/reclaim

English (HTTPS): ar.al/2018/06/29/reclaiming-rs

HT @goofy

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One week is not enough for a trend. So we’ll continue.

I’m also not going to have a cheat day this week. I might up the calories by 100 or 200 in prep for working out, but no the 1000/1500 calorie excess I did this last Saturday.

Will be interesting to see how it tracks.

Issue here is I’m using weight as a proxy to measure Fat/BMI. Which isn’t ideal.

Body Weight contains:
-Innards: Skeleton/Organs
-Daily Food/Water (flux of 5 lbs)
-Body Water

So I could be losing water, muscle, AND fat. Everything else is in a bit of flux.

To minimize flux in my measurements, I always weigh myself every morning just after my morning ablutions. This provides a fairly consistent baseline.

If I measured myself throughout the day, I’d see a flux of +/- 5 lbs easily.

I kept 1500 calories (give or take 50 calories) all week except Saturday. On Sat, I increased to compensate for my weekly workout, but also my dad came over and barbecued hamburgers! (We drank a lot of beer, too!)

That may account for uptick on weight since yesterday. Maybe.

Week 0x01

Starting Weight: 190.1 lbs
Current Weight: 188.0 lbs
Goal Weight: 170 lbs

Cal: 1500
Pro: 45%
Carb: 27.5%
Fat: 27.5%

- Got down to 186lbs, then slight turn up to 188. Net loss of 2 lbs. Trend on track.

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Hey @Debian@twitter.com fans, there’s some news about running our desktop (Pantheon) on your OS of choice! buff.ly/2uBNV9N

I should drink my casein and go to sleep.

Good night hemisphere.

I’m diving back into RFID access card attacks.

I’m going to build a cloner that can sniff a card 10 miles away.

Don’t talk to me about powering the card or anything relating to radio frequency... or physics.

I’m a wizard. I defy physics.

Did a demo of an exploitation to the crew who has to patch the issue (its a large systemic issue. Not an easy patch.)

First demo was showy. And some of the crew thought it looked cool but would be easy to detect.

Brought out the second demo and displayed a real world “quick” attack. Happened in less than a second. Just a blip before the crash. No way to detect or stop.

There was a long silence afterwards.

Everyone was on board. We set about planning on how to fix it.

‪Week 0x00‬

‪Starting Weight: 190.1 lbs‬
‪Current Weight: 190.1 lbs‬
‪Goal Weight: 170 lbs‬

‪Calories - 1500‬
‪Protein - 45%‬
‪Carb - 27.5%‬
‪Fat - 27.5%‬

‪1 hr/wk - Full Body w/ weights‬
‪2 hr/wk - 2x 3mi walk‬

‪- Anger‬
‪- Revenge Body‬

‪(1 week updates)‬

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After I cut (8 to 10 weeks), I’ll adjust and set a new goal. Focus will be on lean muscle with a healthy layer of fat.

Set calories intake goals to bulk a little until ideal is set.

Then set final goals for maintenance.

Gonna figure out how the body works.

Studied macros: calories, protein/fat/carbs.

Experimented with fasting / super low calories for a couple of days. (Hunger pangs weren’t bad, but damn that brain fog!)

Understand a bit on micros as well.

Going to do a super low cut for the next two months. Try and lose two pounds a week. Shooting for 1500 calories.

Macros at 46% protein, 29% carbs, 25% fats.

Carbs in morning & afternoon to fight brain fog. Fats in evening to prepare for next morning.

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@tinker saw this and it reminded me of your profile pic.

Every time I find something I want to dive into. Want to become an expert on, I tinker with it a bit. Learn a lot. And am happy!

But then I want to try something new! So I move on!

I don’t think its a bad thing... think the call to constantly be exposed to new things is stronger than the call to drill down and become an expert.

I’m actually really happy right now. Huh.

Shift happened in life. A good one. Think I can finally get on track. Be happy for a bit.