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Tinker @tinker@infosec.exchange

Getting more time on the weekends to work on projects. Will update more on that as I accomplish small things.

Figuring out how to solder best.

1) Thicker gauge. No lead. Overhead board. Melt things that shouldnt be melted.

2) Very thin guage. With lead. It melts very quickly and beads on the board. When board is finally hot enough, i continuously feed the wire until there is enough.

Gotta be a happy medium.

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OK I've added the $7000 stretch goal. Production sources and I didn't expect this to happen quite so quickly so we're working on the rest, but I'm hoping to add something at $8000 and another at $10000. =o

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‪Today I shall be meeting with interference, corporate bureaucracy, ill-will, and overbearing bosses – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil. But as a fellow creature endowed w/ reason & the divine; none of those things can injure me.‬

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Damn. was good.

Even the villian had depth. You could see where he came from. Why he decided on his actions. What bred his hate. And how, with just a bit, his love could have fostered.

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Alright I've updated the project with the first two stretch goals. <3

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Big congrats to @PixelOccult for reaching the kickstarter funding goal within a couple of days!

Everyone else can still purchase a kickass Neon Moon deck at kickstarter.com/projects/pixel

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Today's tarot draw is Seven of Vials from www.neonmoontarot.com 
Themes for this card include: Illusion, fantasy, shallowness, imagination. 

"Having dreams is fine, but if you aren't living in and dealing with reality, your dreams will never transition to the real world and you may find your reality becoming harsher over time as you neglect its presence. Be careful of having your head in the clouds and giving in to temptations that would damage your real life."

#cyberpunk #tarot #illustration

Every Red Team needs an infrastructure girl!

0: Think I can pop a shell externally... need to spin up an internet facing Kali Box in a VPS...

1: Just use the VPN I just spun up for you! Here’s the config!

0: But I’d need a port forwarded.

1: Opened ‘1337’ just for you!


The Neon Moon Tarot Deck by @PixelOccult is up on Kickstarter now! You can buy pocket or full sized editions!


@tinker - Going to work on the zerophone for a bit. Need to get more familiar with hardware and base linux functionality. See if I can contribue a bit. First step is to build it as is.

Need to buy the parts.


The day is bright. Going to dive into phones again for a bit.

For selfish reasons. This won’t further my career or change the world. Just have an itch I need to scratch. See where this leads.

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@tinker Something that is not bloated and is not spyware incarnated would be indeed too good. But part of the "bloat" and "spyware" comes from the vendors themselves, that add customized useless apps and force them into your terminal even if you don't want them.

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@tinker i recently ordered a gemini pda from their crowdfunding thing - hybrid phone / pda device with physical keyboard, intended to bring back the psion pda form factor. _supposedly_ will dual-boot an android build and a real linux distro out of the box.

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