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Me: I'd like to trust this self signed certificate.

Firefox: No, that's insecure, user.

Me: I'm aware. I'm a big girl. Add the exception.

Firefox: No, please contact your administrator.

Me: Listen here you little #$@! I *am* the administrator. Add. The. Exception.

Firefox: I'm afraid I can't do that Val…

Me: *opens about:config*

My Discordia...

Netflix made a live action version of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.

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What's on YOUR podcast list? I need some more audio stuff to fall asleep to

@jerry Great show you got there. Metal intro is a wakeup, but other than that, it's .

Has @tinker the elusive machinist got a podcast, too?

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is done.

Dallas Hackers Association is *TONIGHT*, Nov 7th - 7pm.

Come listen and give fire talks.

Bring your laptop and hack into our Capture The Flag environment.

Pick locks in our soma room.

White, Gray, Black Hats Welcome.

Feds, too, cause lol.

Info & Location: meetup.com/Dallas-Hackers-Asso

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is tomorrow.

Need to go over my slides. Ohhhhhh boy!!!

Ok! Kids are starting to come by and Trick or Treat! I’ve passed out full sized Twix, Snickers, and Skittles.

Overheard one kid say “We’ve gotta remember this address next year!”

I have arrived.

It’s raining and cold here. No kids have stopped by yet. Mine are out Trick or Treating.

I have all of these full sized candy bars that no one is grabbing...

Shame for them to go to waste...

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Signal announced that they hope to encrypt even information about which users are messaging each other on the platform, allowing the app to encrypt not just the contents of messages, but the identity of the senders too...


Building out an adversarial testing (PenTests, full scope Red Team, coordinated Purple Teams) program right now...

All I can say is... documentation. Holy Shit. I’m doing nothing but formalizing methodology and documenting it.

Hey Fediverse, it’s shaping out to be a good day.

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Actions to Counter Hate and Violence Show more


But in a good way! Things are getting done. I’m managing it. Steady pace. Shit... this is fun.

Hey, Fediverse!

Rough day... don’t ask.

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