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But as we had met under a false pretense and she only knew me by a false name, I felt it unethical to pursue anything other than a professional relationship.

As such, I brought the conversation back to the task at hand and asked her for the corporate wifi password.

Was on a con in Europe once. One of my marks was an attractive and delightful woman.

We hit it off immediately and exchanged light and friendly banter.

Under normal circumstances, I might have given her my number and offered to buy her coffee...

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@tinker Here's that blogpost you wanted me to write! I doubt it will be anything new or particularly understandable, but it's written and you can read it ;-) m4iler.cloud/technology/2019/0

I’m taking the time to procrastinate on social media to say that I need to stop procrastinating and actually use the remaining 15 minutes (15 MINUTES?!?! SHIT, I’VE WASTED ALL MORNING!!!!) in a productive manner.

‪Quick and dirty Bash wrapper for nmap scans.‬

‪Does targetted scans at first for immediate actions, while conducting an all port scan in the background. Meant to be tweaked as needed.‬

‪Don’t use this script. Just throwing it up for the heck of it.‬


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@kaniini Haven't worked on the modem yet, but it has mainline and ofono support so shouldn't be hard.

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It’s a rainy day, but the skies are clear.

But damn, if I am not constantly fatigued.

My youngest son (3 years old) has *started* to sleep through the night. He’ll still get up every other night. My allergies, which prevent good air flow, mean that even when I sleep, it’s restless.

I should get a hepa filter...

Anyhow. Hopefully in six months or so, I can begin to get a full nights sleep.

Hopefully then I can spend my days doing the things I love.

I’ve limited myself to two extracurricular projects (projects outside of work and outside of spending time with friends and family).

I have a primary one that I try to spend a little time every day on and a secondary one that I touch once a month.

Right now I’m doing neither! Work (eh..) and home life (yay!) have been filling the time.

Any extra time I get, I try to sleep.

Life is going by solidly and happily (at least with family! 😄 )

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Tonight! - Dallas Hackers Association!

~~=={ HARDWARE SWAP }==~~

Bring any hardware, laptops, switches, routers, SBCs, Industrial Control Systems, or cars... and swap them with fellow hackers!

Also: firetalks, capture the flags, locksportses, drinks, eats...

Info: meetup.com/Dallas-Hackers-Asso

‪A dear friend of mine reached out to me spontaneously yesterday and asked if I was free for lunch.‬

‪I immediately agreed and we met for ramen (her favorite food).‬

‪Shot the shit for a small while, catching up, complaining about work, discussing passions.‬

‪It was nice.‬

Partner: Apparently, the boys went through your backpack. I found this in one of their pockets...

Me: 😳 You... you didn’t plug that into any of our computers, did you?!

Wanted to get to Rome this summer, but don’t think I can swing it. The cost of plane tickets for me and a companion alone are just too much.

I’ve done work in Italy and France before and fell in love, but without a client paying my way, I can’t swing it.

Think I’ll do a staycation and really explore my home city of Dallas and my sister city of Ft. Worth.

Hol-lee shit.

Teh imposter syndrome...

Except, minus the syndrome part.

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I really like to share a creative process with people. This way, they can see all the work required to make an artwork. Sometimes, it makes them more humble too.

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Be my mentor, man!

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