If only they were protesting for things like accommodation and support instead of what is effectively conversion therapy for Autistic kids so life is easier for everyone else at the cost of their child's well-being.

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Parents of children with autism protest what they say is a doubling of wait list for treatment. At the cabinet swearing-in for Premier Doug Ford’s new govt.

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It's official! This morning the Internet Archive Canada logo was added to the front of our new downtown Vancouver headquarters. Looking forward to celebrating this new space tonight with our growing community of digital librarians and archivists!

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Bought this as a rather expensive fidget toy and ohhhh it’s so satisfying to play with. 😀


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‘I am sorry’: Toronto chief apologizes but won’t investigate officers behind ‘systemic’ anti-Black discrimination dlvr.it/SSFZm0

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idk why we're supposed to care about the marital status of the beaver.

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ℹ️ Confirmed: Network data corroborate reports of a disruption to internet access in parts of British Columbia, , 7 June.

The incident is attributed to the activity of a single beaver, which gnawed through a tree that then fell on fiber cabling 🦫


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This dog can’t make the meeting of the Napa Progressive Alliance this week because she’ll be at a protest against a multi-unit housing project that will change the character of the neighborhood.

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Right so it’s *identical* in terms of gameplay to MotoGP 22, especially the career mode. Basically just a reskin with a few different tracks. I guess I’m not terribly surprised.

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The wait is over! 💥

will be available on September 15, 2022 for your amazing races with the official riders, tracks and bikes of the current season 🎮

Are you ready to get back on track? 😎

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From birbsite, possibly politics 

Am in wrong I’m thinking this should be every day, and not just for a month?

From birbsite, possibly politics 

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Doug Ford & the @OntarioPCParty@twitter.com have been a disaster for since day 1. Between now & election day, @fordnation@twitter.com & his lackeys will try to make you forget the harms they've done.

I hope this thread will help you remember some of it when you get to the polls.

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Unbelievable how empty the grandstands are. But yeah I imagine price is a primary factor here.

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Mugello 2022:
Friday: 10.815
Saturday: 19.602
Sunday:   43.661
Total Weekend: 74.078

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That save from Vietti was 🤯🤯🤯

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A crash already 🤯

Vietti makes a super save and it sends @24Marcosramirez@twitter.com and @gabrirodrigo2@twitter.com into each other 💥

| 🇮🇹

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Jasper is a happy bed loaf

From birbsite, possibly politics 

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Y'all, I can't. Ricky Gervais is such a thin skinned hack, he issued a DMCA takedown for the image used by the Mary Sue in their article so that it won't be shown when the article is shared on Twitter.

So here's the image.

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Quick hike up Mount Erskine, had to check out the fairy doors of course, and a lovely view from the summit.

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I think we need a new hashtag for the British Talent Cup…

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🏍️ Round 3 Recap: Qualifying Day 🙌

Enjoy the best moments and riders' sensations during Donington National Qualifying sessions ️🔥


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Uhhh wow. My view for the next couple nights.

From birbsite, possibly politics 

This is alright I guess 😎

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