Yay I don't have to keep disconnecting/reconnecting my monitors when using my KVM switch now.

Also as an interesting note this is the actual KVM switch Level1Techs is selling: rextron.com/product-2-Ports-Du

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My “our military robots that run on biofuel won’t feed on human corpses” T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

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Whenever I see clips of really talented riders from series like British Superbike or MotoAmerica I always hear “he’s not slow!” in @NeilHodgson100@twitter.com’s voice for some reason.

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Another month, another exciting ISSessions meeting! Tomorrow, June 21st, on discord or YouTube. Kicking off the night we will have our news roundup, followed by Rick's Repo Rundown, and our special guest Jackson Gorny will be joining us to talk about being an SOC analyst!

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A Brief History of Nobody Wants to Work Anymore


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Sorry for the flood of posts. Didn't realize my twitter xposter didn't start back up after a power failure... 😬

Interesting. Apparently I completely missed the Alex Marquez to Gresini thing??

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With the signing of Alex Rins, half of the MotoGP grid is now officially confirmed. But what about the other half? Here's where things stand at the moment, who might go where, and where the delays might be.


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Of course MotoGP 22 is coming to xbox game pass PC in 2 days. At least I got it on sale heh.

I'm pretty sure the left side is almost exclusively from traffic circles as I'm very comfortable in them. Far fewer opportunities for high lean right turns around here, and most seem to be on a steep incline/decline.

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Amazing what the tiny bit of wear on my bike tires already says about my comfort level turning left vs right. Tiny little fresh strip on the left side, much larger one on the right 😬

I gotta get out to a big empty parking lot and practice those right turns...

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Pro-choice people who use the platform might like to know that TikTok is on the list of attendees contributing money for this anti-abortion event. twitter.com/DWUhlfelderLaw/sta

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It’s mildly entertaining how many MotoGP (and Moto2 riders) get engaged during the summer holidays.

oo the level1techs KVMs are back in stock finally. pricy, but hopefully worth it since my current one is SO FLAKY.

Of course the first day of my mini vacation it's sort-of-but-barely raining all afternoon and all I wanna do is cruise around on the bike 😞

I absolutely 10000% refuse to buy any vehicle from a brand that engages in this.

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If you're looking at the BMW news from South Korea and somehow think software-defined vehicles will not become a wider phenomenon, I have an excerpt from an Nvidia investor meeting you should read: theregister.com/2022/03/25/nvi

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reminder that J*nathan Sc*tt is an infosec hoax perpetrator whose previous run-in with twitter fame consisted of decompiling a Java application as x86 opcodes and drawing red arrows between them on a screenshot and passing this off as a malware analysis to the normies

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What a rollercoaster of a thread

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Im deleting this account, and you deserve to know why.

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