Been a minute since I've logged in here... gotta learn my way around again! 😄

It's a brand new episode of "Smashing Security" podcast!

Malicious script is being blamed for the British Airways hack, Trend Micro's apps are booted out of the Mac App Store for snaffling private data, and Paul Manafort's daughter wants Twitter to remove a link.

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Some of the most popular iOS App Store apps are selling your location data onto other businesses

In all the talk yesterday about Mac App Store apps exfiltrating data they shouldn’t have, nobody seemed to notice the connection to Trend Micro... and their apps are still up, after Adware Doctor was removed. 😒

Thanks all who responded to my question yesterday... sounds like Tootdon is the consensus, but I'll keep Tootle in mind as well. 🙂

Anybody have a recommendation for an iOS app for Mastodon?

No idea if this will become a thing, and I have no idea what I'm doing with this, but I'm planting a flag on my username. 😄

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