@endomain the internet used to be federated and “antifragile”…

But these days you are correct, we depand on a few freaking massive corporations for the internet. (Just think of a AWS outage, how many sites still work than….).

We should work to reclaim the resilience and use as much open data, open source and federated solutions as we can… (imho)

I just completed "Sonar Sweep" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2021 adventofcode.com/2021/day/1

Are you going to join me?

@clacke the term “manual testing” only has meaning to contrast it with “automated testing”. Automated testing however can not fully replace manual testing nor can manually testing fully replace automated testing. Only if both are used correctly can we say anything about the quality of the product tested. (Imho).

Calling testers “manual testers” is just wrong. (So I agree there). People should be aware of the differences though, between automated and non automated testing.

Hot take on Apple's #CSAM (child sexual abuse material) scanning 

@cariad as to the how you should fight it, I say you should stop saying to not fight it, and point out the dangers anytime some is talking about it… nothing more, that’s for people that understand the risks to do.

(I am talking morally here, not telling you what you must do, but telling you wha though ought to do, based on your ow. Morals… if I am wrong please tell me, if possible with where I am wrong)

Hot take on Apple's #CSAM (child sexual abuse material) scanning 

@cariad many experts are saying: “this is an unacceptable risk that you (Apple) have not shown any reasoning to do accept it.”

And experts have pointed out that: “any time something like this has been done. It has resulted in this damage, how would you (apple) prevent this harmful thing from happening.”

Saying “we must not fight / push back on this” is basically disagreeing with these points. This applies to you 2

@drahflow the fact they are under Chinese law wasn’t enough of a reason?

Hot take on Apple's #CSAM (child sexual abuse material) scanning 

@cariad Your feelings don’t change that. Even if I am happy you feel safer.

I get the feeling (from your response) that you only have cursorily knowledge about security, privacy and safety,like most people only have, and than try and dismiss what experts are pointing out about it.

(If I am wrong I would like to hear that… this is not meant as an attack, just as reminder to look deeper into a problem first)

Hot take on Apple's #CSAM (child sexual abuse material) scanning 

@cariad have you done any investigation into the effects CCTV has? (And I don’t mean in limited use like in a store but a ambiguous everywhere… in this example even into your home).

The net positive of putting cameras everywhere is not evident in the scientific studies. A net negative is… (but I agree more studie is needed before consensus could be reached).

@eldaking is this you again … “Skynet”? It won’t work… we won’t fall for that trick again…. :P

@derek you are fast…. Let’s see what your views are…

@drahflow isn’t that just a matter of zipping up the compiler classes and a MANIFEST….

Or is that to easy an anwser for the assembled geniuses? ….

@klausi is this really how a big company handles a breach…. That’s embarrassing.

Hot take on Apple's #CSAM (child sexual abuse material) scanning 

@cariad It also brushes quite hard against personal liberty and privacy, if you can not trust your device to not spy on you, it will change you. Just look at how ubiquitous cameras have changed London or China (and not for the better).

We also have to consider “false positives”. Something that is a lot more likely than you might expect (due to how such a system must be able to work, a resize must not work).

Hot take on Apple's #CSAM (child sexual abuse material) scanning 

@cariad the problem with this type of technology is the following: from history we know that anything introduced to address “problem X” will later be used to also address “problem Y”.

Even if problem X is a valid and supported cause, problem Y never was either. (Just look at things like the patriot act).

@juliobiason how else to improve code quality…. Now the code owners have to figure out.. “what went wrong here”…. (Or isn’t that Microsoft’s way of dealing with bugs / feedback?…

@martijnbraam and has the advantage of it being the most accessible and leanest solutions… of just less people were so deadly afraid of a terminal….

historic perspective… sort of. 

@theruran you only now discovering that Europe is full of “groupies”?
Maybe look into history… there were centuries of groups in Europe…. With all sorts of results…

@martijnbraam using keyboards as “fancy inputs” for mastodon now I see… what’s next? An all TUI interface so you can use it remotely? ;)

@shiro @carl glad you’re having fun. I felt I had to say it like that as to convey my experience. Not to discredit anyone else’s. I prefer to say what I mean especially in international contexts. As we do not all share the same culture. (And yes Boomers are most often the ones in my experience the ones showing this behavior).
But most importantly I want to live on a world where everybody gets treated fairly. So I try to do so myself. And improve where I can.

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