@plsburydoughboy no. When was this and what caused them to risk a court case like that?

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@schestowitz Intellectual Property is the false notion that companies can claim ownership of there employees brains.

We should do something about that and copyright if we want to have a better and fairer society (imho)

@saxnot possibly..... but that is a hidden Defect. Sshhhh ;)

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@saxnot if you did the install. Than yes Debian is better for him. Arch is An is that you should install yourself, so you know where what is.

But better is subjective. No distro is better than any other distro unless you know the intended use. So better means a better fit for your use. And if that’s not a system ask yourself if it’s you that uses the software. Or is the software (ab-) using you?

@rin where did you find that?

Or are you nearly observing how most people use docs?

‘RTFM’ exists for a reason ;) and likely gitlab/Hub show the reader.md when you open the project page...

So. While most ppl still “can not read” it’s not as bad as the “HUMANCENTiPAD” at reading

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blizzard, pol 

blizzard, pol 

@benjancewicz associate’s name is the best. Always helpful and together with helpful colleague has been the heart of corporations name....

@mike Um. Why would you use a limiting environment like M$ windows instead of a proper FOSS version. I mean who can say no To Freedom! ;)

blizzard, pol 

@sjw @sjw compile your own? Use a portable version?

Use a different vpn technology. (Harder to setup though).

Use emacs to create a universe in which all computers have openvpn preinstalled. xkcd.com/378/

@sjw @sjw you still need to have a webservice open to the world. Probably better to use openvpn than (on port 443 with forward to a tls website) you can than even bypass most stupid corporate firewalls that block ssh connections.

It’s also more secure than a webservice without client side certificates since it will not allow any traffic without except for allowed traffic. (No brute force)

@sjw @sjw look into wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/S the arch people are pretty good at explaining why and how to use keys. Keys are always superior to passwords (something you know) because it’s something you have. That you can encrypt with a password that does not leave your system. No one except for people having the key can than use your account. (You can even use a nitrokey.com to store the thing securely in that’s outside the 💻.

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