@martijnbraam for those either use ansible to do it for you. Or first use the man pages. (I used to do that when fixing a broken install during my school years)

@martijnbraam make an alias. User create or something that points to the correct script. Saved me loads of times

@livestradamus But. Who created them?

And who is the owner of the file?

I mean a shortcut can be abused to do a lot of damage in the hands of a pro. ;)

Listening to while codeing.
Free event and live streaming.

Some of the reasons why I love the community.

@R4pt0r I don’t host them at all ;) but I was a speaker last year. I am trying to get them to also offer a stream and if they do I will also link that here (as I can not attend it myself this year alas :( ) but last year it was a single day and also free (with streaming the company I work for arranged)

Anyone that’s near Sofia and that has an interest in software security. Consider going to the SecOSDay (it’s a free event) twitter.com/secosday/status/11 sadly I can tho this year but maybe some of you like it.

@Gina don’t you mean inside the vowels of your sysop cave?

But really that a lot of work. Hope you do not need to do to much overtime for it all...

name suggestion for wapuu of Luxembourg. 

@Jo getting Might and Magic: world of Xeen. Working meant I had to compile it....(still no .deb package)

Still great software.

@jookia mutt. Still the best way to prevent spammers / hackers / advertisement from messing with your system.

Also good tool to check how inclusive your emails are. If you can read it with mutt a screen reader can read it too.

As a bonus I will assume anyone sending mails like this do not want me as a customer.

@x_cli @jeroen @Framasoft opera is Norwegian I believe. And while there Core product is not open source (yet) they do contribute to opensource.

But a browser is actually quite hard to make especially if your not (geographically) near the other makers in the fora. Ecmascript and css are both a pain to implement (again).

While I would love to see one especially an open sourced one I am not about to create one myself.

@x_cli are you actually expecting competence from Cisco?

They behave like Microsoft did on the 80’s and 90’s. Basically they tell you what values to use. And if you don’t like it. We tell you why you should like it.

Standards. We make our own standards.

All I can really do is wish you luck.

@paco So.... the packets name is case insensitive. The package processed on the other hand..... is CamelSensetive ....

@Bells @OCRbot people do need a meaningful fulfillment of here time.

Feel they add something to there surrounding, they need to feel valuable for being.

A job can do this. But there are other ways.

Caring for a friend. Listening to your neighbors.

Getting up after a long time being stuck in bed.

These things matter. And should not limit your possibility to survive.

@Bells @OCRbot
And how often had you need to use any of these skills?

Where they effective?

Would this advice not also apply for man?

If any of these failed, do you know what they failed?

How many people of the population do you think want to actually murder specifically you?

If there are, do you have any idea why they would pick you over anyone else? Is your gender important at all for your threat model?

Do you know your own impact?

(Just curious)

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