@shiro @carl glad you’re having fun. I felt I had to say it like that as to convey my experience. Not to discredit anyone else’s. I prefer to say what I mean especially in international contexts. As we do not all share the same culture. (And yes Boomers are most often the ones in my experience the ones showing this behavior).
But most importantly I want to live on a world where everybody gets treated fairly. So I try to do so myself. And improve where I can.

@carl @shiro Hmm. Yes I should remover to do that more often. (I keep forgetting nu because of the tool I use) but you are absolutely right in that.

@carl I do not agree with you, but I can accept that it is your opinion. And I am happy to disagree. (It would be a boring world if we all agree on everything). Thank you for sharing it. And have fun these holiday days.

@carl @shiro that does not make any sense. Definitions are the way both parties agree on meaning for words. Ergo we need to agree upon its meaning (either as talking partners or as society). There can therefor never be 1 side that dictates meaning. It’s either the majority group, or the people in the conversation. Excluding any group from doing this discredits your definition making it meaningless in most uses. (That is the scientific way of working)

@carl @shiro if by mansplaining you mean the annoying habit many people have if assuming you do not know what something is and therefor preemptively explain it, than yes that is something we should all try to not do. If you mean with mansplaining anything that is being explained by a man, go back to kindergarten where that type of behavior might still be tolerable. In the real world however me must accept that no one know everything. But asking first please.

@carl @shiro doing that in practice does mean you need to learn a p your own biases and ‘correct’ for them. Like:
- Girls can be good at math.
- Woman can be good programmers.
- Man have emotions.
- Woman can be managers / CEO / leaders.
- Woman can read comics.
- Boys can play with dolls.
- Knowledge is not wisdom.
- Good Communication is the responsibilities of all people communicating.
- You (I) can, and will be, wrong. This can happen anytime.

@carl @shiro can you explain how the addition of “as a male” is anything but sexist. (It sounds extremely sexist to me).
Also I use my photo so anyone can see I am a male (or at least assume I am one. If I would use my name that would be different). Listening is always good, and asking intelligent questions (why did you do X?,or did you consider Y?, or what do you think of using Z?). Sexism is like racism. “The only way to win is not to play.” - W.O.P.R.

@carl @shiro as I said: in my experience. I can not claim that it’s true for everyone but for me it has been so far in my life. While there is a difference between how different people communicate the actual information is the same. Does your experience differ? If so how? (I always like to learn about others experiences, I can only learn from it)

@szbalint The actual (current) advice is therefor nothing like this. It is: “Do not open any attachments from someone you do not know, or when you feel something is fishy. When in doubt contact IT for assistance. We will check it for you. If you did open an attachment and it wasn’t what you expected. Contact IT and we will sort that out for you. Have a Safe and productive day.”

Or. At least my advice would be like that... as in IT is there to help. Not blame the “user”

@shiro in my experience this happens when sharing ideas with technical minded people (gender does not matter). I usually just take it as a compliment and ask them why they think it (I could always learn something I think then). But most importantly remember, you made a thing for yourself. It always the best fit for you and only for you. It’s already amazing you share your ideas with the world. And, (without knowing what you did) thank you for shadowing your work.

@stephaniewalter the 3 and 4th iteration are more of the same. But different ;)

@robertcc thanks for the tip. For my next try (later this week) I want to get some sunflowerseed oil. (It wasn’t available last time I went to the shop)

My (failed) attempt of making mayonaise. It has a nasty bitter aftertaste (I suspect the extra vierge olive oil)

@martijnbraam for those either use ansible to do it for you. Or first use the man pages. (I used to do that when fixing a broken install during my school years)

@martijnbraam make an alias. User create or something that points to the correct script. Saved me loads of times

@livestradamus But. Who created them?

And who is the owner of the file?

I mean a shortcut can be abused to do a lot of damage in the hands of a pro. ;)

Listening to while codeing.
Free event and live streaming.

Some of the reasons why I love the community.

@R4pt0r I don’t host them at all ;) but I was a speaker last year. I am trying to get them to also offer a stream and if they do I will also link that here (as I can not attend it myself this year alas :( ) but last year it was a single day and also free (with streaming the company I work for arranged)

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