My (failed) attempt of making mayonaise. It has a nasty bitter aftertaste (I suspect the extra vierge olive oil)

@sysosmaster EV olive oil does make a very acrid mayonnaise. If you want it for flavour I would suggest putting in a tablespoon or so at the end but otherwise using a very neutral, refined oil. I like the Spectrum walnut oil, but any clean refined oil will do.

@robertcc thanks for the tip. For my next try (later this week) I want to get some sunflowerseed oil. (It wasn’t available last time I went to the shop)

@sysosmaster You are welcome! I know unsolicited Internet advice is...well just that, but I dealt with a mayo mishap myself recently so it was fresh in mind.

@robertcc @sysosmaster Yeah, I made this mistake too. "Why isn't there any commercially available extra virgin olive oil mayo? Why is there mayo that's just "flavored" with evoo? I'll do it my damn self!"

And then I made it, and it was bitter and gross.

So, it turns out there's a *reason* that no one makes this, and it's not just about individual preferences: When evoo is emulsified, the bitter polyphenols are no longer bound to fat, and you can taste them!

@robertcc @sysosmaster It's a damn shame, too, because I would love to have mayo made from evoo and that tastes like evoo. But it's not in the cards, chemically.

@varx @sysosmaster right! Similarly it is the same reason you should be careful with temperatures brewing green tea, don't use astringent red wines for cooking or tend to find a lot of 100% cacao chocolate--lots of polyphenols are very bitter to most people.

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