@maria regarding your section on Smashing Security 140.
Marking companies judge and reject a current client that has not broken the law is a dangerous way of thinking. Censorship (especially not government enforced censorship) is something we should avoid and prevent.

This does not mean you can not prescreen / select your clients. If you feel like the client does something you find ethically a bad fit for your company you should talk with them and get them to a different provider.


But just imagine Google not allowing android reviews on there YouTube platform. This would seriously undermine the trust of the users and content creators on YouTube and harm society.

I understand why 8Chan feels like a bad place (I am not a fan either) but just kicking them from place to place will just embolden them and enforce the bad ideas they have. We need to fight there ideas on the level of the bad ideas that they are.


Counter each bad argument or wrong statistic with a good argument and. statistic. Convince the Of better views not isolate them to radicalise. In my opinion that would be the only way to fight them, and bring them back into society as productive members instead of fearful terrorist.

Anyway thank you for your section, I found it interesting to hear your views (and of the 2 other hosts).
And as always enjoyed your humor.

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