@jerry I hope that it still an okay idea. I think that there is merit in having a standard to drive for (i.e. 16+ characters, rotations, complexity, MFA, etc.). Hopefully this can better help us strive for a more secure goal.

Does anyone ever consider how we actually follow policy? To think about the security and connectivity we have in what we do, to how it aligns to the policy in the workplace?

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P.S. you don’t have to connect your new smart TV to the internet. Get a roku or Apple TV or use a Pi.

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@JohnsNotHere You can make it! Security and life are both a balancing act.

@JohnsNotHere @jerry @gcluley all very entertaining pod-casters, and I enjoy listening in on the creative and liberating eventful ventures of you!

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Pst! Do you need CPEs for your CISSP, CISM, CISA, or CEH? Why not check out some free courses on Cybrary.it or even better, go listen to some security podcasts like Defensive Security (@jerry), Smashing Security (@gcluley) or even Purple Squad Security (me)! We're all entertaining and informative in our own rights, and you can get 1 CPE per hour. ;-) YMMV, but I'm a fan.

From experience and in practice, would a WIDS/WIPS actually stop a de-authentication attack from working?

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Is anyone still working towards the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge? KringleCon is starting to slow down.

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The hardest problem in computer science and software engineering is getting the progress bar right.

@maxg I am looking for support with *nix oses, with a preference on Debian. Thank you both for the help @jerry.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas! Does anyone here happen to have thoughts on *nix hardening scripts? I'm looking to code in a universal shell (/bin/sh), but I am considering installing a shell (bash, zsch, tcsh) in addition to hardening. I would like to know what others think about hardening scripts or about shell preference.

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Admins of Mastodon, I need some Apache help 

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