So, in the fediverse, we clearly see the furries, the trans community, the infosec/hackers, the witches, and the writers.

Something that I realized last summer, that was very missing before this platform... all the classical goth types from to 80's-90's....

Almost all of my tribe had gone extinct it had seemed.

I have rediscovered many of the surviving coterie here in the fediverse. For that,I am truly thankful.

I see you quiet, grim-faced friends.

I recognize you.

Happy you're here.

@TheGibson I wonder if I could be in this goth tribe? Or I was more My Dying Bride doom metal goth.

@superruserr maybe, do you think you were?

I was certainly more of a proto-goth... TSOM, Bauhaus, TKK, Ministry, NIN, Einsturzende Neubauten.

But I'm old too.

@TheGibson Wow, I only know Bauhaus, Ministry and NIN but I've only listened to NIN.

Primarily Pretty Hate Machine, Downward Spiral, Frugal and With Teeth (primarily for Bite the Hand that Feeds, Everyday is Exactly the Same). Same songs has been on rotation for more than a decade now.

@superruserr sure.

Pretty Hate Machine was my peak with NIN... I've liked almost everything they've released, but that was "the album".

Thrill Kill Kult is a deep favorite of mine... not always what you expect.

After the Flesh

The Sisters of Mercy are one of my all-time favorites as well.

This Corrosion

I was also a huge fan of Type O Negative back in the day... they were amazing live.


@TheGibson Christian Woman my quintessential song.

And similar ones for me (more around the theme/content):

Woman of Dark Desire (original Bathory, and there's Marduk)

Catherine Blake (My Dying Bride)

@superruserr ah! You speak Type O Negative!

Another rarity in this age.

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