> We decided to shut the Peerlyst.com site down on August 27, 2020.

Hm, bad news in terms of information sharing since a lot of nice articles have been written.

Hopefully people will consider moving on to their own writing platforms aka not Medium.

@superruserr It's sad. I wrote a couple articles there. But it was pretty low-value content. Amusingly the left hand should let the right hand know what's going on.


Yeh. It gives an outlet for people who don't have the time to set up and maintain their own blog.

It's time consuming to maintain a social network.

It disappointing that they just left it to the authors and not provide some guidance beyond like options to use, now people will just default to LinkedIn or something.

@superruserr And I wonder just how much money a site like that takes to maintain. I mean, web sites are practically free. They don't necessarily make a lot of profit. But how much could that infrastructure really cost? I'm surprised they didn't get a buyer.


@paco It mentions from the screenshot that they had some trouble finding VCs to back it up. It also sounds like they had investors and either had funding pulled or they just ran out of money in the end.

I don't think they were aiming to build up a community but rather a money making media site, kind of like cso online or the hacker news. But they tend to be owned by large co like IDG Communications which own cso online.

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