"Attention Europe folks: some of us are forming a team of people willing to give up their time if needed to support healthcare providers who may suffer attacks at this difficult time."

Original status update and comment please at :

There is also some Australia, Middle East and North America centred activity, but I don't know where the status updates are.

@superruserr is there a way that folks who aren’t on LinkedIn can help?

I have brief experiences back in time as volunteer for red crescent...
Might come handy?


we do not use LI or TWTR, but I saw that they already hit a Czech hospital. Furthermore I think all of these fast installed home office workplaces will create massive problems in the short run.

I would suggest to create some room on Matrix/Riot to help critical infrastructure for free to survive.

As owner of CTS I am willing that we help them for free with remote maintainence, setup help, monitoring and other protection. So if somebody wants to lead this let me know.


@kmj @mmokhi

They are talking about setting up a Slack instance.. and I hate Slack.

@kmj @mmokhi I cannot find her direct email... other than a direct message on Twitter or LinkedIn but they are probably getting a lot of proposals or messages by now


please boost:


to gather people willing to help. We can not affort loosing critical infrastructure at this time and i do hope we get cool people together. Matrix is great for it.


@superruserr @mmokhi

We must keep this decentralized in case infrastructure fails people with connectivity still can help.


Will keep trying to gather people here on Matrix/Riot:

free for everybody with


this must be neutral, not related to a company or commercial project.

If we get a critical mass of IT guys together, we will inform government and press of help being available.

I hope we get at least 10-15 people together. Security is only one part of it. Users have far more problems.


@superruserr this reminds me a lot of the helping out international organizations with mapping

@JensHeinrich @HonkHase Ok thank you ! Now I need to find out which group for Australia in particular...

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