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> Prior to the acquisition offer, Red Hat was valued at ~$20.5 billion. IBM is proposing to buy Red Hat for $34 billion, a premium of ~67%

> IBM could have invested in Red Hat stock at a much lower price, if the objective was simply to share in the expected profits of Red Hat, continuing its current business offerings. What IBM gains from its acquisition of Red Hat is control, and the ability to shape the direction of its software development efforts, to favor IBM’s own cloud services.

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This story is just bonkers!

Beto was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow (the legendary hacking group in the 90s responsible for Back Orifice and other stuff)

Interesting thing I am learning - trying to find difference between Windows Event Log, Windows DNS debug.log and also Windows DNS Server ETW traces. I have some log samples of each source, just need to decode it, or try to generate more events.

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Do you know that LinuxJournal has a bunch of eBooks (about Linux) free to download, without even requiring to submit your information?


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Knowledge Ecology International sent a letter to Department of Justice of the United States, opposing IBM acquisition of Red Hat


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Published: Collecting and Forwarding PowerShell logs via Event Log and via Event Tracing for Windows to Splunk and other dashboards medium.com/@hannahsuarez/how-t

Just in the process of doing more lengthier/in-depth work about ETW, and doing some smaller writeups along the way.

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Interesting take of

few lines I like:
> VCs are dictating marketing/value propositions too much, particularly given they are generally disconnected from customer viewpoints
> Marketing people are generally too disconnected from customers & don’t really understand the relevant personas
SecOps persona:
> between a SOC analyst [..] analyzing low-priority events vs. a SecOps engineer who writes automation scripts [..]  not to mention SecOps manager vs SOC manager [..]

I'm actually quiet glad to be looking now more into forensics stuff. That was my gateway into interest in over four years ago now

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@gid I have a black Swissgear backpack that has lasted me for about 3 years, it was only about $20 CAD. It's also not too big for me being a petite person.

I knew NGINX was fancy when they had an event at a terrace overlooking Eiffel Towel here in Paris but I keep on thinking jeans and tshirts

A few tries at sending test events (from Microsoft-Windows-DNSServer provider) to over Syslog. Now just need to find a scenario to show various ETW traces etc.

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From my old screenshots folder, where I was looking for something else: Anyone remember when the SCO web site was hacked?

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: New backdoor malware hits Slack and Github platforms

“The attackers also appear to be professionals, based on their way of handling their attack. They only use public third party services, and therefore did not need to register any domains or anything else that could leave a trail. The few email addresses we found during the investigation were also using trash email systems, giving the attackers a clean footprint” researchers added.


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