"You wouldn't date girls (or guys) just because they're breathing, and selecting boxes on the network to penetrate deserves special care too." nmap.org/book/host-discovery-d

This weekend, mainly some RFC reading and note-taking.

Then I ran into this diagram and the whole stick figure thing made me literally LOL.

@FlyingLawyer this is a somewhat common question without a great answer. Ransomware itself rarely exfiltrates - I’m not aware of any that actually does. When you think about it, exfiltration complicates, and likely breaks the commodity ransomware business model. Not to mention that most computers and company networks have much more data that can be easily exfiltrated on some reasonable timeline. That means exfiltration would have to be targeted to certain files/types. However...

last year i worked hard as an amateur recluse... this year, life fucked that up and now i'm not even an intermediate recluse


Hey everyone!

I'm a hacker and wannabe writer interested in how technology is portrayed in culture and how that affects us.

Is the current popularity of dystopias really caused by a future shock? Can we promote positive futures by changing the narrative and making technology human-centered?

Two years ago I started a project to address that with stories: glider.ink/ . I realized I need to learn a lot about writing, and now I'm recovering from the initial burnout.

Fun fact: Mastodon supports link verification by using this thing called RelMeLink microformats.org/wiki/rel-me#d

This means that if both parties (Masto and site) have links pointing both ways, Masto can confirm it's being controlled by the parties involved.

I should update black.af to do the same as jacky.wtf/

also, last month we compromised two separate clients online bank credentials and gained access to them. literally just a straight up password and account number - no "what is the 1st and 3rd character...." - German banks need to step their game up

Hackers are increasingly destroying logs to hide attacks

According to a new report, 72 percent of incident response specialists have came across hacks where attackers have destroyed logs to hide their tracks.

Interesting news read: zdnet.com/article/hackers-are-

Someone near midnight, maybe drunk, unsolicited random message: "Can't call you right now, I'm out"

Me (thinking, but ignoring message): Right, and I'm just going through CheckPoint R80.10 documentation rn to learn it, while I overhear a flatmate's hamster spinning (figuratively), drinking tea and eating soy yogurt. 🙃

Weekend project: Get some DNS malware going and packet capture it.

Current status: Looking at deploying Check Point cluster on AWS..

The Call for Participation for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 was published 🎉 It would be great to receive proposals from a diversity of people.

Please boost widely !


Operating one's own local DNS resolution servers is one of the simplest and lowest-cost things an IT administrator can do to monitor and protect applications, services, and users from potential risks.

@aag Are you at DENOG any chance? (I'm not going.. but saw the programme)

Did some lock picking at a cool hackerspace in :) with beer and sweets too.

The photo: me holding a lock and tools, picked open within a minute. Tried a few others but no luck.

@superruserr @phessler I hope I will make it to #RIPE78! My next event will be #35c3 in Leipzig. If you are also there, you are invited to visit our @acmelabs assembly and the BSD assembly!

RT @hackinparis@twitter.com: CFP will be closed soon (December 10th) for #HIP19 ! We don't receive a lot of workshops submissions. Do not hesitate to send yours but also for talk and training !

🐦🔗: twitter.com/hackinparis/status

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