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"Want to learn how to do it the right way? We have an updated RIPE Database course available online at: "

The Outreachy organizers are putting new policies in place to deal with the impact of the global crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

The EU ATT&CK Community Workshop goes virtual.

Monday-Tuesday 18-19 May 2020

Who would have thought that I'd be in a timeline where I am sending over Naomi Wu/sexy cyborg / snorkelling/PPE hacking posts to my parents because of a global pandemic.

"Replying to HackerzRussian MrRussianHacker"

I wonder where they're from....

Just reminded myself of this idea for a longer post...

"Der Hackathon ist der Hackathon der Bundesregierung und steht unter der Schirmherrschaft des Chefs des Bundeskanzleramtes Prof. Dr. Helge Braun."

Sicherheitsexperten fordern bessere Cyber-Katastrophenhilfe!

Krankenhäuser, Wasserversorgung, Kraftwerke: Kritische Infrastruktur kann gehackt werden, mit schwerwiegenden Folgen. Sicherheitsexperten fordern nun eine Art Cyberhilfswerk, nach dem Vorbild des technischen Hilfswerks.

Bitte suche (danke @JensHeinrich )

All talks must be 1/2 on an introductory hacking / infosec topic and 1/2 on any other hobby topic.

CFP out

> A classified document leaked by Edward Snowden and published by The Intercept in 2016 shows that the NCMI teamed up with the National Security Agency, the digital spying behemoth, to gather "medical SIGINT," or signals intelligence, a government term for the fruits of hacking and eavesdropping

So has hit & you’re quarantined with the 8 people that you've last @

@mmokhi off volunteering with the infosec healthcare group

@mwlucas sharing cheetos

@Tlacaelel stress cleaning

@ticoombs talking about the scary stories

@hummingrain lock picking our way into the closed shops I think

@grainloom also lockpicking researching the convergence of biological/computer virus models

@lousycanuck checks for signs of human life

"Attention Europe folks: some of us are forming a team of people willing to give up their time if needed to support healthcare providers who may suffer attacks at this difficult time."

Original status update and comment please at :

There is also some Australia, Middle East and North America centred activity, but I don't know where the status updates are.

University of Cincinnati made their malware reverse engineering classes public:

How to not make new friends: "Check out my lockpicking set!"


Looks like is about to be cancelled or postponed.

Now just waiting for my airline to hopefully do cancellations/refunds (not that, they have enough on their plate already)

I deleted that other toot because yes you do need testing especially on implementations like Modbus/TCP.

I took a closer look at the link that I had and it indicates that they are doing some 'secondary monitoring' so not touching SCADA systems directly, ie "monitoring for archive misconfigurations"

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