Firefox is getting a new privacy protection report that shows you how much ick it has blocked over the last week. I /think/ it should ship as part of FF70 which comes out on 22 Oct. Also, it looks like the new logo is part of this release as well ✨

My logo design for our university film society went live today and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (the uni mascot is a stag in case you were wondering what the deer has to do with anything)

A family friend asked me to sort through a box of cables and old tech and throw out anything that isn't worth keeping. And boy are there some relics in here

Looks like I'm the first on to appear in the new Mastodon 2.7 directory ✨

(There's a checkbox on your "edit profile" page if you want to be added)

Does anyone know of a UK bank that doesn't do this dumb thing where they ask you to enter certain characters of your password?

Somewhere between Seattle and Detroit, I am pretty sure my plane was temporarily transported to another planet

You know how browsers will usually let you resize <textarea>s so that you have more space to type?

Turns out you can limit that behaviour to only work in the vertical direction so that it doesn't break your page layout. Just add "resize: vertical;" to your style sheet.

So, apparently it was "scheduled maintenance" (that they need two whole days to perform). Maybe put up a notice next time?

At first glance, it looks like things are back, but after filling out the form, you find out that the payment processing system is still down. 🙄

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Spent way too much time this weekend fiddling with my terminal config. I managed to fix several things that were bugging me though, so I suppose it wasn't a complete waste of time.

OMG. I never thought this day would come. I have kept Pages '09 (last updated in 2012) installed for years just for this feature.

I am sure your "affordable SEO" is great and all but the fact that you "didn't hear back" is probably a good indication that I'm not interested.

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