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Hello new folks! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Since everyone is doing it, I'll post another . I am relatively new to Mastodon myself, but I've found a community here that is welcoming, tolerant and friendly. Hope you'll have the same experience.

I toot about , and general related topics.

I regularly look through the tag for new people with similar interests, but if I miss you, give me a follow or send me a message, and I'll follow you back. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have known for a long time that certain selectors will take precedence over others, based on how specific they are. But I never knew the details of how this specificity is calculated.

Turns out it's not complicated at all. This article does an amazing job of explaining exactly how it works.

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*Hospital gets new patient information software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some nurses and doctors instead of just other programmers"
*School gets new student assessment software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some teachers and students instead of just other programmers"
*Construction company gets new materials tracking software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some installers and estimators etc"

Just a trend I've noticed

Looks like I'm the first on to appear in the new Mastodon 2.7 directory โœจ

(There's a checkbox on your "edit profile" page if you want to be added)

This is a great, detailed post about how to implement a search feature using PostgreSQL

"Postgres full-text search is Good Enough!"

I updated my answer on security that I originally posted to Security Stack Exchange back in 2016. The new version is well-structured and includes info on all the recent developments here. Got way too long however.

Does anyone know of a UK bank that doesn't do this dumb thing where they ask you to enter certain characters of your password?

Sharing some thoughts after staring at some home packet captures. OCSP is as bad for privacy as plain text SNI

Somewhere between Seattle and Detroit, I am pretty sure my plane was temporarily transported to another planet

You know how browsers will usually let you resize <textarea>s so that you have more space to type?

Turns out you can limit that behaviour to only work in the vertical direction so that it doesn't break your page layout. Just add "resize: vertical;" to your style sheet.

I've been learning some AVR assembly at uni. It's quickly gone from being a fun challenge to being almost incomprehensible to me (thanks timer interrupts!). I'm getting quite good at debugging by pure try and error though, so perhaps all is not lost?

While the extra detail is neat, Apple's new maps seem a little underwhelming. Hopefully they are just rolling out the improvements incrementally and better places data is in the works.

I got mail from my "Sister in The Lord Mrs.Helen Mayuko." Sounds legit ๐Ÿ˜‚

Ooo, this is fun. Words that first appeared in print the year I was born include:

back button, click-through, cybersurfer, dead-tree, DVD, e-commerce, keylogger, robocall, uniform resource locator, webmaster, web page, website, yottabyte, zetabyte

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