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Hello new folks! 👋 Since everyone is doing it, I'll post another . I am relatively new to Mastodon myself, but I've found a community here that is welcoming, tolerant and friendly. Hope you'll have the same experience.

I toot about , and general related topics.

I regularly look through the tag for new people with similar interests, but if I miss you, give me a follow or send me a message, and I'll follow you back. 🙂

My logo design for our university film society went live today and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (the uni mascot is a stag in case you were wondering what the deer has to do with anything)

This is also my first time using Toot! and its by far the best iOS app I’ve tried

(However, the target for favouriting a toot is a little big, so sorry to everyone whose toots I’ve accidentally favourited and then immediately unfavourited. 😳 Still getting used to it)

I moved the Twitter app to a different spot on my home screen and put @tootapp in its place. Thanks to this change, I am now checking Mastodon compulsively instead of Twitter

I think a lot of times some people misinterpret "I think what you said was offensive" as "I am offended with what you said". They sound similar but are not really the same thing.

Like maybe the person calling you out isn't actually as hypersensitive as you think and they are just letting you know that you sounded like a jackass and perhaps you might want to work on that.

And if that upsets you maybe that person isn't the sensitive one, or at least the *only* sensitive one.

I dunno.

A family friend asked me to sort through a box of cables and old tech and throw out anything that isn't worth keeping. And boy are there some relics in here

I find it interesting how upset developers are about "Sign in with Apple" being required for any app that offers Facebook or Twitter sign in. Similar to the sentiment that some people have towards GDPR.

If you won't take steps ensure your user's privacy do you really get to be outraged when other parties step in to protect your users from you?

I've been trying to get the people and businesses I provide tech support to to switch to Firefox. But a few days ago a user complained because clicking "print" in Google Docs downloads a PDF instead of bringing up a print dialog directly. So, I switched her back to Chrome 😕

How is it that we have WebVR and WebAssembly but no WebPrint API?

Been playing with WordPress again for the first time in years thanks to their new Gutenberg editor. I had forgotten how easy it it is to extend; you can customize *everything*. Makes me wonder if Mastodon should adopt WP-style theme and plugin support instead of forcing people to edit the source code.

Apparently I still have the source files for a website I made when I was twelve. It was a fansite about, ugh, cats 😳
...I had a sheltered childhood 😆

I have known for a long time that certain selectors will take precedence over others, based on how specific they are. But I never knew the details of how this specificity is calculated.

Turns out it's not complicated at all. This article does an amazing job of explaining exactly how it works.

*Hospital gets new patient information software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some nurses and doctors instead of just other programmers"
*School gets new student assessment software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some teachers and students instead of just other programmers"
*Construction company gets new materials tracking software* "Gee I wish the programmers had talked to some installers and estimators etc"

Just a trend I've noticed

Looks like I'm the first on to appear in the new Mastodon 2.7 directory ✨

(There's a checkbox on your "edit profile" page if you want to be added)

This is a great, detailed post about how to implement a search feature using PostgreSQL

"Postgres full-text search is Good Enough!"

I updated my answer on security that I originally posted to Security Stack Exchange back in 2016. The new version is well-structured and includes info on all the recent developments here. Got way too long however.

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