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Hello new folks! 👋 Since everyone is doing it, I'll post another . I am relatively new to Mastodon myself, but I've found a community here that is welcoming, tolerant and friendly. Hope you'll have the same experience.

I toot about , and general related topics.

I regularly look through the tag for new people with similar interests, but if I miss you, give me a follow or send me a message, and I'll follow you back. 🙂

While it seems Google has let you turn off history (for search, location, YouTube, etc) entirely for a while now, they are now providing a middle-ground option: keep history for recommendations but auto-delete after 3 months or 18 months. You can check your settings here:

How is it possible that Outlook (for Mac) doesn't support the basic feature of email aliases?!

Wrote the Security+ exam this morning. Passed (but only barely)! Word to wise: “entry level” doesn’t necessarily mean “not difficult”; the exam is more challenging than you might think.

There were many questions that were deliberately vague or had options that only had a loose connection to the question. The way one of the interactive “performance based” questions was structured made absolutely no sense (and I feel like I had pretty good grasp of the material for that one but idk).

Update: Chef has changed their mind: they won't be renewing their contracts with CBP/ICE after they expire and will be donating the proceeds from these contracts to some yet unnamed charities.

The reality is that this (mostly false) narrative of polarization actually begets more polarization. We need to stop identifying as “liberals” or “conservatives” (or whatever other group) but recognize that we are complex individuals with multifaceted views. The more we can see this complexity in ourselves, the more we are able to recognize the same in others

This article gives me hope about the upcoming election in Canada and has lessons that can be applied regardless of where you live in the world

The TL;DR is that polarization in politics is—to a large degree—a lie. The (perhaps surprising) truth is that people on the opposite side of the aisle have more in common with you than you think. Even in the US, where everything has become a partisan issue, people overall agree on most issues

This story is nuts. Chef signed a $95k contract with ICE, did some shady shit to cover it up and when that didn’t work, published a blog post claiming they did nothing wrong

Firefox is getting a new privacy protection report that shows you how much ick it has blocked over the last week. I /think/ it should ship as part of FF70 which comes out on 22 Oct. Also, it looks like the new logo is part of this release as well ✨

If you're going to make me lease a gateway/modem, don't give me a piece of shit

And also, at minimum, IT SHOULD NOT START ON FIRE

I've tried updating drivers, fiddling with driver settings, using DISM and SFC to repair Windows, nothing seems to work 😫

Anyone have any ideas or should I just accept that this computer is possessed by creatures from the netherworld?

So here's a /fun/ problem I'm having: after reinstalling Windows, the ethernet adapter on this PC doesn't work (well, it sort of does, but its so slow nothing ever loads). And not just the PCI card; I connected a USB adapter and it has the same issue!

Wi-Fi is totally fine (except that it disconnects from the network every once in a while—haven't tried to troubleshoot that yet)

Also, fun fact: NPM doesn't support overriding an upstream dependency like so thank heavens for Yarn I guess

And since I'm 90% sure I've had this exact problem before, I leaving this handy link for future me to find when I inevitably forget AGAIN how to fix this problem:

okay okay, so an old version of node-sass was being installed because sass-brunch depends on it. This old version of node-sass doesn't work on Node 12. But sass-brunch hasn't been updated to use the new version of node-sass which works on Node 12 😫

And you know what: this wouldn't be such a problem if there was some kind of error message that nudged you in the right direction. But it took me an hour just to figure out that something was up with node-sass and not one of the other dependencies

I can't get node-sass to compile. I feel like I'm going insane 🙃

Why does this always happen??

Three days of (literal) nonstop work has paid off. Our university film society has a website!

I need a bit of break now though 😳

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