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✅ Confirmed election officials received absentee ballot.

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The inscription was found in several places on the far side of the moon. Written in cuneiform, it said:
"We have seen you, and do not doubt you will one day find these words. We give you the same advice some unknown space travellers gave us, long ago.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Anyone who complains about Nvidia issues on Wayland (or Linux in general!) has a moral obligation to boycott their business. Wayland developers have told you exactly why Nvidia is not supported, and who is to blame. Harassing Wayland devs because they have a name and a face you can harass, rather than boycotting the faceless multi-billion dollar company who is responsible, makes that person an asshole and a shitty consumer.

Nvidia is the one who deliberately engineers cryptographic solutions to subvert the free software driver. Nvidia is the one who refuses to collaborate with the community on standardization. Nvidia is the ONLY GRAPHICS VENDOR WHICH IS NOT UPSTREAM.

If you spent $1,000 on a GPU which became a brick when you tried to use Wayland on it, that's on YOU. Not on Wayland. Letting your confirmation bias protect your ego from the possibility that you made a mistake and turning that feeling into harassing FOSS developers and spreading misinformation about their work is FUCKED UP and needs to stop.

Periodic reminder that climate change isn't primarily due to small, individual choices. It's the large-scale, systematic choices of our society.

Also, you should support nuclear power.

Watch "Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)" on YouTube 

"The Dragon spacecraft also runs Linux with flight software written in C++. The ship's touchscreen interface is rendered using Chromium and JavaScript."

The Dragon interface is an Electron app? Thanks, I hate it.

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@sir both ways are better than reducing institutional knowledge by forgetting how to do things

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"So, do you think one day robots will have human rights?"
"Perhaps," the robot said, "but first I want to see all humans have human rights."
"What do you mean? All humans do have human rights. It's in the name."
"Then I first want to see all humans considered human."
"Oh. Yeah."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Can't overstate how cool this is, even if you hate that guy that owns SpaceX...

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Hate driven development

I hate computers so deeply that it drives me to write software in an attempt to fix this godawful fucking mess that we're in

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I have my technical gripes about JavaScript, but my main complaint in practice is social: when you put JavaScript on your page, you're passing a cost (in the form of compute power, which is wear and energy use) to me

If you do this, it should benefit *me* more than you. I'd bet 98% of JS that pushes to my browser benefits the operator much more than me.

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I don't care how special and cool and hip your company thinks it is, it's NEVER okay to opt users into a marketing spam list.

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