@MrTumnusInfosec Shell, mostly. I don't think you can do much of that from the web gui

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Replay the moon landing live (50 years latency) over the next several hours

"I'm _not_ moving to the Pacific Northwest."
"Why not?"
"No one has vaccines!"

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Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

@sir Best feature of git.sr.ht? Push to an empty repository and this happens:

remote: We saved your changes, but this repository does not exist.
remote: Click here to create it:
remote: git.sr.ht/create?name=<snip>
remote: Your changes will be discarded in 20 minutes.


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anyway if anyone has ideas on how i can de-google my mobile computing life ("give money to apple instead" is not a valid idea), let me know!

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What level of cognative dissonance do you need to have to think that anyone wants to see your marketing emails? How do you sleep when literally everyone hates you

@kf Maybe save your some headache I worked through yesterday: hydroxide only works one direction at a time right now (and I'm told its imap sync is dangerous). However, because aerc can use imap but not smtp through protonmail-bridge, hyroxide makes a perfect complement. I'm using aerc with protonmail-bridge for imap and hydroxide for smtp...

Possibly more convoluted than necessary for email but then again it's ProtonMail so that's a given....

@sir What do you think about shipping a "PRO" badge ala GitHub, or something similar that paid users could choose to display on their profiles? Might drive payments?

@sir I can only imagine. Your output is tremendous and the rest of us are all benefiting heavily! sway+aerc+sr.ht are some of my favorite tools, and your blog is always insightful and challenging. Thank you, truly.

@sir @kf hydroxide sounds great! Will be switching time now.

As for a better email provider, when are you launching mail.sr.ht? Would love to send you the monthly check instead of ProtonMail!

@sir @kf I'm not aware of any method to change the bridge settings, unfortunately. Is there any way to configure aerc to allow me to bypass starttls instead? Or accept an "insecure" cert? That second idea sounds like a great option for both IMAP and SMTP!

@sir imap+insecure fixed reading my (ProtonMail) emails in aerc — awesome! I am digging around the man page and source, but I don't see anything similar for smtp. aerc asks me to add starttls to accounts.config, and if I do, it complains about the untrusted cert. Any tips? @kf Did you get it working?

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