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@fallenhitokiri I find you are correct. I end up with main work in two-three windows at the center, with work email/Slack on edges. Not ideal. But at home I find myself thinking it would be really nice to merge my dual 24"s....

@sir @byllgrim In that case we should very soon expect a solution to P=NP, since it's a much easier problem!

@tho @sir I don't know of anything not to like, I've just never considered it a single-purpose, Unix-philosophy tool. @sir usually changes my mind, which is why I asked.

@sir What specifically about qemu do you like? I've never really thought of it in the same category as your other picks.

@sir I tried to build it from source (and make it replicable for the AUR) and I'm running into this: `FAILED: wshowkeys@exe/main.c.o...`

Full log at Let me know if you prefer I cease and desist building for AUR.

@sir tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment. Compiler errors if you mess it up.

@MrTumnusInfosec Shell, mostly. I don't think you can do much of that from the web gui

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Replay the moon landing live (50 years latency) over the next several hours

"I'm _not_ moving to the Pacific Northwest."
"Why not?"
"No one has vaccines!"

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Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

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