@emersion Lying in bed awake and I've just understood how clever a name hydroxide is (OH-) vis-a-vis the *basic* complement to Protonmail (H+). Genius!

Also I'm an imbecile for not seeing it earlier, and it's probably in docs somewhere too.... 🤔

@tho hah, just seeing your note.

The chemical symbol for a proton is H+ (a hydrogen atom that's lost its electron). An acidic solution is one with extra protons (hydrogen ions). To neutralize acid, you add a basic solution — one with extra hydroxide ions (a water molecule that's lost one hydrogen ion). The symbol for a hydroxide ion is OH-. When H+ and OH- come together, they form H2O (water).

@emersion's HYDROXIDE neutralizes PROTONmail, making it standards-compliant.

@tho P.S. — this is all my trying to remember high-school chemistry so I hope I'm not too confusing hahaha

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