I slowly get a better understanding of the problem with dual 27“ screens or dual screens in general beyond a certain size.

I’ll likely spend some time reading up on studies and research in this area over the weekend to see if what I think was already observed somewhere.

Short summary is: 27“ is the sweet spot for me for single screen usage. Below I prefer dual screen which gets unpractical at 27 (too much horizontal head movement). 39“ wide seem a sweet spot for a bit more space.

@stick For me found the 49 too large in the sense that I simply cannot fill it with enough terminals / editor windows / documentation for a single task which means things like chat or email might creep up on screen taking away focus. But they look cool :)


@fallenhitokiri I find you are correct. I end up with main work in two-three windows at the center, with work email/Slack on edges. Not ideal. But at home I find myself thinking it would be really nice to merge my dual 24"s....

@stick I found the 39“ to be the sweet spot as replacement for dual 24“ - three windows with an appropriate amount of characters in them. Maybe works for you as well :)

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