Sad to have missed day 2 of - currently battling what I hope is a cold and not the flu. I got the flu vaccine, but it’s at best 60% effective.

Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) are offering a free ticket and $500 travel/accomodation stipend to #DefCon 2019.

Apply at:

They are also looking for sponsors and donors:

(I'm not affiliated in any way, boosts are welcome)


When I rate a book 1 star and don’t finish it, and everyone else rates it 4-5 stars, I get an acute sense of FOMO.

I feel like my mental health has improved greatly since leaving birdsite and joining this lovely community.

Happy Valentine's Day! What infosec tool do you love the most?

For me, I'd have to say Wireshark. So many uses!

A proud moment: one of my bird photographs is going to end up in a book about nature for K-2 students. Dedicating your photos to the public domain DOES have tangible benefits.

Looking for a "third place" in Silicon Valley that is not filled to the brim every waking moment of the day. The library and all the coffee shops near me are full from noon to close on weekends.

I don't like feeling isolated holed up in my apartment, but I also don't like fighting people for power outlets and listening to iMessage bleeps and bloops for hours.

Which books had the biggest impact on you - personally or professionally?

It's kind of a shame that I've gotten up to this point in my life/career without a hacker handle. I've not been 'blessed' with one, and all the ones I attempt to force feel awkward and disappointing.

Time to create a professional blog for the umpteenth time. This time I'll write in it! Right?

Greetings to everyone on Infosec Exchange! I'm happy to be here.

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