NCSAM Day 1: Multifactor Authentication
Enable multifactor authentication everywhere it is feasible to do so.  Where it’s not feasible, figure out how to do it anyway using, for example by using an authenticated firewall in front of a device that doesn’t support MFA. For many years, sophisticated adversaries have leveraged legitimate credentials in their attacks.  At the same time, organizations…[...]





Because not having 4 different locations to configure one thing is so 1990s.

#FsckSystemd #Linux

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Hello all, is there a way to see everyone on this instance?

<+ UPDATE> Urgent (<24 hrs) Seattle area asylum seeker housing (pls boost) 

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My brain stopped working 30 minutes ago, but here are some chipmunk-pig hybrids.

What's the point of my @xkcd bot? It has over 500 followers and more than 3 boosts would be record breaking if I look at the previous few posts it published.
I might as well delete the account.

Looking for work (in Sydney or remotely), boosts wanted 

‪Today I shall be meeting with interference, corporate bureaucracy, ill-will, and overbearing bosses – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil. But as a fellow creature endowed w/ reason & the divine; none of those things can injure me.‬

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood debuted 50 years ago today.

Be a helper.

Looks like Linode will be rebooting servers for Meltdown/Spectre security updates, so this instance might be down around the following time:

2018-01-18 5:00 AM UTC (14:00 JST)

NSA surveillance has a new deadline, and it’s coming right up. By January 19, Congress will decide what to do with one of the NSA’s most powerful surveillance laws. Tell House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that any bills to extend NSA surveillance powers must include warrant protections for Americans’ electronic communications.

Figured I’d share my pupper with you. Excellent at and loves when dad has mishaps with the grill.

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