L'UE crée une liste noire pour sanctionner les cyberattaques
L’Union européenne veut sanctionner ces attaques aux effets économiques parfois dévastateurs et qui font « peser un risque de conflit »

Burger King's Online Store for Kids Exposes Customers’ Info.
An unprotected Elasticsearch cluster found via a Shodan search exposed 37,900 records of Kool King Shop customers, a French online shop specifically tailored to be used by kids who bought Burger King menus. 


24 heures dans la vie d'une cybercombattante
Au cœur d’unités d’élite, elles se battent contre des hackers malveillants, des cyberterroristes ou des États voyous. Leur mission ? Protéger les systèmes informatiques sensibles et mener des opérations militaires dans le cyberespace. Ces guerrières du numérique se dévoilent pour la première...


These diagrams show the paths traced by Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as seen from Earth.
Source : Fermat’s Library

unveils Windows Terminal, a new command line app for Windows
It’s designed to be the central location for access to environments like PowerShell, Cmd, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Microsoft is adding multiple tab support alongside theming and customization for developers who want to tweak the Terminal app.

Most SMBs (55%) would pay ransom to cybercriminals to have stolen data returned, according to the second quarterly AppRiver Cyberthreat Index for Business Survey.
Article: helpnetsecurity.com/2019/04/29

German police have shut down one of the world's largest black marketplace in the , the 'Wall Street Market,' and arrested its operators.

Hacker holding repositories for .
Hacker wipes Git repos and asks for Bitcoin. Gives victims 10 days and threatens to release the code.

How to computers exploiting a flaw in pre-installed Dell SupportAssist
A flaw in Dell SupportAssist, a pre-installed tool on most Dell computers, could be exploited by hackers to compromise them remotely.

Malware Infests Popular Pirate Streaming Hardware.
It found that pirating hardware, which enables free streaming copyright-protected content, comes packed with malicious malware. The devices give criminals easy access to router settings, can plant malware on shared network devices and are often leveraged to steal user credentials.

: Vol de données, piratage informatique… Certaines applications de streaming illégal ont un comportement particulièrement malveillant, estime une récente étude.  

Vulnerable Confluence Servers Get Infected with Ransomware, Trojans.
A critical Atlassian Confluence Server vulnerability is being remotely exploited by attackers to compromise both Linux and Windows servers, allowing them to drop GandCrab ransomware and the Dofloo (aka AES.DDoS, Mr. Black) Trojan.

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