> ESET researchers have published a white paper on the 10+ year history of the Group's , the latest version of which uses the web interface of Gmail for C&C

> To download the white paper: welivesecurity.com/wp-content/

> Article: welivesecurity.com/2020/05/26/

SophosLabs researchers analysed the toolset used by the actors and found they mostly rely on publicly available tools

SophosLabs stumbled upon a set of files used by the criminals involved in the attacks. The trove of malware and related files reveals details about methods the attackers employed to compromise networks, elevate their privileges, and distribute the malware to workstations in very recent attacks

Analysis of the Netwalker ransomware: news.sophos.com/en-us/2020/05/

"It always seems impossible until it's done."
- Nelson Mandela

This is The real reason the launch was canceled yesterday
Credit: Twitter account @TheCyberViking

is like that glass; once broken, it will never be the same again.

ILOVEYOU – 20 years ago – to the day!
Ancient cybersecurity folks with more than 20 years’ experience will of course remember the infamous ‘ILOVEYOU‘ Love Letter email worm from the early 2000s. What they may not remember is that it was exactly 20 years ago when it first reared its ugly head. 20 years? What?! Yep: Two decades ago to the day this

« Il vaut mieux viser la perfection et la manquer que viser l’imperfection et l’atteindre. »
– Bertrand Russell

Who led the digital transformation of your company?
Credit: businessillustrator.com

"The real fault is to have faults and not amend them."
- Confucius

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