It would have been funny if it weren't true!
The proposal to re-evaluate "years of experience" in "skill level" is interesting.

@slh If the people posting this job couldn't even be bothered to look up FastAPI then it really doesn't matter whether they measure in "years of experience" or "buckets of cup cakes".

It's not a technical problem and it certainly can't be fixed by a technical solution.

You can tell it's written by HR, rather than anyone with technical experience.

@slh i have years of experience in mowing lawns and I am shit at it.. always will be. Maybe *one day* HR drones will realise that experience does not equal *aptitude*. Sigh...

OCR Output (chars: 301) 

Sebastian Ramirez

I saw a job post the other day. &

It required 4+ years of experience
in FastAPI. 2

I couldn't apply as I only have
1.5+ years of experience since I

created that thing. &

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate that
"years of experience = skill level".


@slh I bet it was also "entry level" and offered "competitive wages" which basically means $10/hr or minimum wage (whichever is higher), no vacation time and 30 hours a week to get around having to give you insurance

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