Free access to Windows Cookbook (searchable reference) during lockdown : Password: getsmart
The 90 first pages of the ebook:
Thank you very much for the author, Mr Lee Holmes (Twitter: @Lee_Holmes)

Udemy online course " for Penetration Testers" FREE with the coupon code FREEEDUCATION
Coupon code use by date: April 3rd 2020

has just launched servers where and adult content are blocked.
> Malware Blocking Only:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
> Malware and Adult Content:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

ATT&CK est une plateforme qui organise et catégorise divers types de tactiques techniques et procédures utilisées par les acteurs de la menace dans le monde numérique visant à aider les organisations à identifier les lacunes dans leurs cyberdéfenses

List all the mobile apps made by the governments all over the world to people during the crisis.

is Leaking Peoples' Email Addresses and Photos to Strangers
For at least a few thousand people, Zoom has treated their personal email addresses as if they all belong to the same company, letting them video call each other.

German Military Laptop Sold on eBay Included Classified Missile Information.
The computer was probably decommissioned years ago, but its hard drive held information relating to a weapons system that’s still in use.

: Vous pensez avoir des ? Un site propose un en ligne pour vous orienter

Le magazine LeVirusInfo partage en PDF son Hors Série 3 contenant les meilleurs articles de la 1re série (à titre exceptionnel, car ce magazine d'investigation informatique vit des ventes à ses lecteurs). Savourez et partagez autour de vous sans modération !

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