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I am very glad to say we "officially" have a new president.

This shit show is over.

Time for a different and less crazy shit show.

Release: Ransomware data leaks.
Announcing a new website category with the release of data from five companies

I wonder if all major governments have their own version of . I would wager yes.

USpol, .gov infosec 

This birdsite thread nails it.

If anyone in the Capitol is trusting any device smarter than a pocket calculator right now, it's all fucked.

80s hacker vs 90s hacker vs 00s hackers vs 10s and 20s hacker

I started 2020 with bad puns and shitposting and Dog is my witness I am going to end it same!

Pragmatic Episode 101: AstroPhotography (Full Length) is now available :

Fake News You Can Trust...

@TheBabylonBee: "Gavin Newsom Says California Will Stay On Lockdown Until Scientists Discover Cure For Death"

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