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Polite reminder: Earth is a tree planet with some bacteria. Everything else is just the extra stuff that lives here too.

New post on using #AWS #Config to search for world-readable #S3 buckets. Looking for any constructive criticism on the post or better means of accomplishing what I describe!


I must stop stalling and get back to work. Damn it. ☕

Using a web browser without a script or ad blocker feels like sex without a condom.

I have not played with their stuff yet but it looks very similar to a project I'm on. There is much useful information in this area. Hoping to find a spare few hours this weekend.

We explore below-the-belt spying on students in the latest "Smashing Security" podcast with guest Thom Langford!

I really like mod_evasive. You help me kick so much ass. I send you ❤️

Deleted code is bug-free with 100% test coverage.

Observation: given enough time any conversation in a group of #infosec professionals asymptotically approaches being a #Thunderbird PTSD Support Group.

Dad joke 

6:30 is the best time.

Hands down.

Quick reminder that awk is cool and useful and easy to learn and you won't regret spending 20 minutes adding it to your toolbox

The tl;dr synopsis:

“Performance will be better, but not in a super-noticeable way for things like web browsing,” Marx said. “Security should be better and protect against several attack types.”

HTTP/3: Everything you need to know about the next-generation web protocol

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