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tour dates are out!

Man I can't wait to see Dead & Company at Park in . My favorite live band.

In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast:

A gallery is tricked into giving millions to a fraudster, software tells doctors to push opioids onto patients, and an artist finds a novel way to trick Google Maps into thinking there's a traffic jam.

On Episode 61 of the @ubuntu #Security Podcast🎙️@joeubuntu is back with @alex_murray to discuss a recent breach against Wawa, plus we detail security updates from the past week including Apache Solr, OpenStack Keystone, Sudo, Django and more tweeted by @ubuntu_sec

Completely irrelevant but Boston City Hall looks like a bad Minecraft base

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How did you (first) sign-up on #Mastodon?

Critical Cisco CDP protocol vulnerabilities explained and why Layer 2 protocols are under-researched when it comes to security vulnerabilities. (This is a podcast but also transcribed )

Bug hunter finds cryptocurrency-mining botnet on US Department of Defense network
Monero-mining botnet infects one of the DOD's Jenkins servers

If your software has become more complex to accomodate more use-cases, this is very bad

If your software has become more simple to accomodate more use-cases, this is very good

The Iowa voting app, by the sounds of it, wasn't even using https

The article doesn't state it explicitly but that's exactly what it sounds like

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