Is the cuckoo sandbox project dead?

Any alternatives? I've already found PyreBox ( which looks pretty good...

Do you have a hard time recruting a system developer? It's been six months and I am still searching and found noone. I'm not saying we can't interest them with a good package and they choose to go elsewhere. I'm not even having good resume in my inbox. Do you share that experience?

@x_cli Ah, the non US part is difficult from where I'm at. FWIW I'll give you a boost. Maybe somebody will have a better lead.


For fun I was spinning up DigitalOcean virtual machines and enabling fail2ban. After immediate spin up attacks happen. Like immediately after vm creation. It's amazing.

Yeah I like your idea of moving the port. Dump the kids and see the baddies.


What are you looking for?

I'm wrapping up a 3 year contract with a top level domain provider. I'm also on an email list at MIT with a bunch of local geeks. I could forward your request there.

Ping me if you want a hand.

The holiday season is over, and so are the competition portions of the Holiday CTFs. This year I did
Advent of Cyber and
. Here is a brief overview and rating of both.

Team I'm on is going live with a new TLD. Load testing their web server now.

Break it. Fix it. Break it. Fix it. Ask if max queries are good and cross fingers at launch. I swear I'm going to have a heart attack.

most likely future:

USPOL, Parler 

GPS analysis of Parler post metadata (!!) showing how far the insurrectionists got into the Capitol.

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