@httpeter Ha! True. That's the next step. Damn monitor takes all all the room.

The US Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) has confirmed it has been hacked and the personal data of 200,000 people has been compromised.

@mcmoots @parenthetical Depends on the size of the CSV file. If it's less than 10MB in size, it's "data science". If it's larger, it's "big data"


Now, Wells Fargo has settled with the DoJ for $3b, admitting wrongdoing and submitting to several years of oversight. That's a good start, but it's a bad finish.



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@doctorow "Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."


I run clamav monthly on my linux box. It's extremely rare I find anything but I have. Once a Windows exploit in the browser's temp space and another in a backup of a Wordpress site.

I also occasionally scan servers I run but have found nothing on them.

Been doing it for a very long time.

The effort to scan is so little and if you find something the importance could be great. Seems worth it to me.

Do you use any anti virus/maleware running on your Linux PCs?

This is really impressive! The most atonishing is the #FaceBook's revenue!

I got a new Samsung 43"4K UHD TV to watch movies and sports on.

For the hell of it I connected it to my HP Envy laptop. Holy shit the text looks great! So now I'm using it as my daily driver.

Video can hit the CPU pretty hard with xorg but I don't use it for that in general.

My setup is almost as absurd as @jerry 's!

Wilder vs Fury tonight! This should be a good fight! These guys are giants.

Had fun recording "Smashing Security" this week with Carole Theriault, where we discussed dick pics on Twitter and a new type of online extortion.

Listen in your podcast app or at link.chtbl.com/smashingsecurit

Hey #Trisquel users!

We now have a group here on Fediverse!

Just follow @trisquel and tag that "account" every toot you make about trisquel and it will appear in everyones timeline that follow that group.

#linux #group #groups #freesoftware #fediverse

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