#13reasonswhy is a decent book but not something I'd recommend to anyone. Haven't watched the show but it's a good thing the series didn't stop after the first season.

I've been forsaking social media in an effort to dive deep into protocol analysis and learning relevant tools. Like learning the protocols by bytes, and mastering Wireshark and tcpdump. I've been analyzing pcaps of different attacks from enterprise honeypots (from honeynet.org) and I've been learning snort and started my own instance of it with my own rules. If you were looking to hire an entry level SOC analyst what other skills do you think are important?

It's time for a brand new episode of the "Smashing Security" podcast!

Does your loo authenticate your identity using below-the-belt methods?

Could installing Zoom be bad for your PC's health?

And we debunk the 5G Coronavirus conspiracy...


Coronavirus, US politics 

Coronavirus, US politics 

Some people are like TCP (they give feedback, they share, listen to you carefully),

Some are like UDP (they just say their shit and ignores you basically, there is no agreement),

ICMP is like flirting with someone (you try it indefinetly until he/she gives feedback so you can start either a TCP relationship or an UDP one),

Feel free to choose!

Container Storage Deep Dive. , , and .

Online meeting with on April 15.

Very good group of folks. I've been wandering in and out of their meetings for about 15 years.



I think you are correct. Makes me a bit sad. I had to give this browser a shot though.

Setup up your own Jitsi Meet server in less than 15 minutes

Jitsi Meet is an open source video conferencing solution which allows users to setup and share video conferences from a single web page with no apps or downloads necessary.


Your Internet is working. Thank these Cold War-era pioneers who designed it to handle almost anything.


"The lack of a central authority is key to why the Internet works as well as it does, especially at times of unforeseen demands.

"Some of the early Internet architects β€” Vint Cerf among them, from his position at the Pentagon β€” were determined to design a system that could continue operating through almost anything, including a nuclear attack from the Soviets."

Ghost In The Logs - This tool allows you to evade sysmon and windows event logging github.com/bats3c/ghost-in-the

Crap. You can lock up the browser by viewing a timeline. That sucks.

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