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It’s below freezing. I’m sitting outside with a fire in the backyard and it’s lovely. About midnight.

Catastrophic hard drive failure. Oh well. Let’s replace spinning rust with an SSD and call it an upgrade! Two beer job np.

One of the best bars in MA is called Maggie’s. They have an old fashioned booth. It’s lovely.

Then intuition whispered headlessness hides race.

But what about those super hot faceless ones at the plus size store!

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I just picked up a new laptop from in Cambridge. Nicest laptop I've ever owned (including Macs) and got it on the cheap.

I'm even having fun seeing how had changed. I'm trying to hold back from installing a new OS for at least a month. Good to learn new stuff.

Wiped firmware on my and installed . Had to remove a read only screw from the motherboard. Thanks Now I have a real laptop.

Achievement unlocked!

Just got home from the and Company show. Top notch concert with great musicians. This is going to be a great summer tour.

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