If every single day you are experiencing higher than expected call volumes maybe you should revise your expectations?

Oh that's right. You're a monopoly. I need to revise my expectations...

I'm logged into my internet provider's website. It is possibly the most useless site I've ever seen.

Goes to show you can have all the money in the world and still make pure garbage.

I was walking around town and saw this written on a bridge.

"They all lie! Trust no one!"
"Stop being emo
get therapy"

I love it when third party security companies scan my client's sites. It's like I'm testing them.

So inside this paintball gun there is a little piece of plastic that takes up space in a cylinder. This acts as a governor to keep the device at a certain FPS.

So of course I took mine apart and removed this little piece of plastic. I got a bit worried at one point. A small spring popped out and it took me about 30 minutes to figure out where it came from. Much of the device is under tension and comes apart a bit wildly.

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New toy. Looks like something out of Mad Max. Launches anything .68 cal.

I live so far north we fly the flag next to the flag everywhere.

Today I was enjoying a beautiful walk near Bass Park in ME.

Interesting. In GNOME Web if you try to view your profile it locks up the browser. You have to kill it. Wow. This might be a shorter experiment than expected.

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My least favorite people on Mastodon 

Are the ones who advocate violence.

As a life long martial artist and a person who has spent over a decade in an extremely violent environment, I despise people like this.

I only mention him because he randomly sent me and insult. Something I can assure you the little coward wouldn't do in real life.

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