When younger I only used GNU/Linux. No proprietary software. When everybody was Flash and Java applets, I used none of it. Openly mocked MS, etc.

Now older, I have no religion. Game on Xbox, mobile on iOS, work on Linux & BSD.

Funny how times change.

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LibrePlanet 2010. At Harvard I got to exchange a few words with my long time idol Stallman.

Again funny how times change.

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@sillystring never stop making fun of java. Those people haven't gotten the point

@sillystring Is it because you’ve changed, or because proprietary software has locked down the market more, setting themselves up as gatekeepers for anything you want to do?

I mean 20 years ago, games were so terrible you could just go without, but modern games are so sexy and attractive it’s a harder to resist, especially when everyone else is sucked in. And devs are more hostile to open source than ever.


I don't have a solid intellectual underpinning for no longer only using f/oss in my personal life. The arguments have been so well tread I don't even have the motivation to review them.

You make a good point about how the market is getting super locked down.

Remember when we could install Linux on the PlayStation? Good times.

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