Donald Trump’s Twitter password is “maga2020!”, and there’s no 2FA, claims hacker.

You don't need an IQ of 197 to know that's pretty dumb...

@gcluley I don't buy it. If that were the case, this would have happened a long time ago already.

@gcluley plus, an account like his surely has all the security bells and whistles enabled by Twitter. Everything from IP black/whitelisting to behavioral analysis.

@rysiek @gcluley

I would think this is the case. However we all know C level executives who refuse to use 2fa and they are the boss. So they don't have to.

If this is true I wouldn't be surprised.

@sillystring @gcluley there's still plenty of failsafes :birdsite: would have enabled on an account like that. Failsafes that would not have required the user to even know.


@rysiek @gcluley

I totally agree with you.

If this story it true, it's more a failure by Twitter's security team than anything else.

They could have protected his account and Trump would have never known.

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