Wireless is slow as hell. Probably because everybody jumped over to it.

How the fuck does internet go down for the whole state? What catastrophic failure just happened?

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@sillystring Not sure yet. It's all over outages-l. Hub outage, they're saying. Connectivity drops somewhere inside the Time-Warner/Roadrunner POP in New York City. Poking around some of the BGP looking glasses, it doesn't seem to be a layer 4 problem. Some folks are speculating fibre cuts.

@drwho @sillystring hackers.town is up, so it hasn’t spread to the Midwest/south... yet.

@TheGibson @dude @drwho

Spectrum just came back up. About 5 hours down. Interesting.

@sillystring @thegibson @dude Figure maybe it takes that long to splice a bunch of single-mode fiber?

@dude @drwho @TheGibson @sillystring sorry. I tripped on a cord. Should be back up as soon as the change approval board approves the change ticket to plug it back in.

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