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Ok, so we now have a shortlist of contenders for the new name of our little browser-based censorship circumvention project.

Let's vote!

The vote will not be necessarily binding, but I want to see if my feel about these names is correct.

Thank you all for helping out and suggesting the names! Special shout-outs to @pelican3301 , @Shufei , @mjjzf and others who suggested some names.

Watching the game from yesterday. Wow we are strong! Can't wait for the regular season. Going to be fun.

-- APT41 compromised company behind TeamViewer - which enabled them to access *any* system with TeamViewer installed via @cglyer

A 39-year-old login of Ken Thompson, the co-creator of , has finally been cracked that belongs to a -based system.

if you say you adhere to the unix philosophy but use two in one shampoo you're a fake

"The unexamined life is not worth living"

I heard a say the other day, "the pain is real but the story is not."

About 59% of the folks on mastodon are millennials. Young folks. Many are students. They are just beginning to learn what's going on. Us older people shouldn't get too upset about the silly things said. Remember the nonsense we said? Well it's the same. Practice tolerance.

Some sophisticated malware going around targeting Russian-speaking diplomats and government targets; it uses Tor-based communications and GSM fingerprinting. Ongoing since 2013.

I’m looking at some of the 404s we've gotten in the last few hours. Of interest:

- /login/username/.wp-config.php.swp

(Don’t vim your config file on the prod server, kids)

- *.php

As if.

- Various permutations of ‘backup.sql’
- Lots of…/.ssh/id_rsa
- Lots of .svn and .git
- Lots of paths to /etc/passwd
- Lots of paths to Jenkins admin stuff

After a years worth of effort the company I work for is going live with our hosting business. After lots of effort and compromise we now have a solution superior to our competitors at an excellent price point.

I must admit this is the best part of my career yet. Very exciting.

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