If you're into #infosec or just interested in all the terrible breaches, you can follow github.com/vz-risk/VCDB/issues (it's all terrible)

the most important think to know about mongodb is that you should probably use PostgreSQL unless you know you'll need certain mongodb-specific features that PostgreSQL can offer. in which case you should use CouchDB instead.

In case anyone is wondering, I use Firefox as my personal browser on both desktop and mobile, so I have a very low tolerance for stuff that's fast in Chrome but slow in Firefox.

My power today is Orange Crush. Song from my youth referencing something from the generation before me.


"Every time you write code or introduce third-party services, you are introducing the possibility of failure into your system. I have far more faith in xargs than I do in Hadoop." widgetsandshit.com/teddziuba/2 (/via @affanzbasalamah) #TacoBellProgramming

Any recommendations on a reverse shell?

Looking at search recommendations now.

Yay! I released an article!

I'm not super proud of this one... but my goal was just to break a long writing slump. Can only go up from not posting at all.

This one took entirely too long to publish... I'll work on that for the next post.


Better training could possibly reduce violence. If you can't keep control of your weapon you shouldn't be allowed to carry one.

Dan's right about the distance argument. A professional would pull the knife within arms reach and it would't be seen until too late.

I wish some of the more advanced tactics from the military would be mandated at the private and state government levels.

Elite Fighter vs Elite Fighter. Doug Marcaida.

I found the gun fighters tactics fascinating. As a life long martial artist it's a treat to watch high level fighters.


Anybody here use ?

If yes how the hell do you clear alert messages? Or do they just stay forever?

Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.

I'm so lazy when I stand up I consider it exercise. 💪

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