Would you consider a cloud backup solution?

We're looking for a Shadow Simulation Developer to help us develop cutting-edge network simulation / emulation software. Should have expertise in parallel program design and development. #developer #job torproject.org/about/jobs/shad

Really happy with these recently acquired gadgets, especially with the poor battery on the #Pixel2.

1) Good looking #powerbank, compact, charges my Pixel2 3-4x (which is a daily requirement nowadays), with a matching fabric case to boot. amazon.com/ZMI-PowerPack-Compa

2) Handy USB cable for charging that doubles as a bracelet amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07QJB9664

If Twitter joined the fediverse, would you want your instance to federate with it?

There's been a bug in where if you close an image it takes you back to the top of the messages, instead of just closing the image. This has been broken for well over a year on iOS. 🤦🏻‍♂️

"I joke with people and say it's the Air Force's oldest IT system. But it's the age that provides that security,” Rossi said in an October interview. "You can't hack something that doesn't have an IP address. It's a very unique system — it is old and it is very good."



:thumbsup: tldr: Do not commit secrets to your code repo. There are some tools available to help detect and avoid when it happens accidentally.


Footballers' wives go to war over Instagram leaks, it turns out fake news is fine on Facebook (just so long as it's in a political ad), and things take a horrific turn in Japan, as a stalker uses a scary technique to find out where his pop idol lives.

It's the 150th (!) episode of the "Smashing Security" podcast.


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