Ernest Hemingway was laughed at for claiming he could write a terrifying tragedy using only five words. They stopped laughing after he wrote this on his napkin and showed it to them. 

What services or companies do you feel most infringe upon your #privacy rights? Please add a comment for others...

If a program does not help ensure the safety of Americans, cannot stay within the law, and violates our privacy, then why should Congress reauthorize it?

“Sorry, your browser isn’t supported. Trying using a browser from the company that is eating the internet.”

Mmmmmm try fucking off.

Received an invite for the new credit card. I haven't had a credit card in almost 10 years and haven't looked at my credit either.

I was curious and clicked through a few menu's on my and boom, approved. Should have the little piece of titanium in two or three days.

Must say the application process is _very_ slippery.

I just published Unifying Ingress Authentications — Lessons Learnt on Linux

sometimes i think, a thousand times a day where the eye falls, is more beautiful than the greatest painting.

There's a big difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.

social cruelty to the homeless 


Hong Kong protestors are posting in phonetic Cantonese to stop machines and trolls from the mainland understanding and derailing the conversation, etc.

Whenever I'm chilly I just run:

sudo clamscan -o -r --max-filesize=20M -l $(date +"%Y%m%d")_scan.txt /home/eric

and my aluminum laptop becomes an excellent little personal heater.

Need to duplicate a directory tree? Use mtree(8):

mtree -cdp src | mtree -Up tgt

-c gen spec
-d dirs
-p path
-U create

Over ssh:

mtree -cdp src | ssh host 'mtree -Up tgt'

Sure, rsync will. Is it installed? Can you figure out how from the doc?

mtree(8) also generates file checksums to verify against for trojan detection.

#OpenBSD #ReadMan #Base

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