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Tomorrow should be interesting too, going to speak to a man about a (different) job.

I’ve had a decent long weekend considering we’re on lockdown. Mainly long overdue garden maintenance with some alfresco eating with my family.

Also, looking for a mid range set of Bluetooth headphones for podcasts and audible listening, any recommendations ?

New iPhone Pro Max today, any new apps I should get to make the most of it ?

An hour in bed and I’m wide awake again, this lockdown is not doing me any good at all right now. Things going round in my head and it’s all work related, not even anything that interesting 😞

2am and I’m wide awake, this wasn’t in the script I’m sure 😩

I’ve basically lived in shorts and tshirt for about 10 days now, can’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.

How is social isolation working out for you, and yours?

It doesn’t happen often but I’m having one of those nights where I just can’t get to sleep 😴😩

Misty is not observing the social distancing advice.

I’m fine for toilet roll but I’ve ran out of Asda Bran Flakes and I’m feeling the pinch. 🤬

Is Audible worth it ? My birthday soon and my wife wants to buy me a subscription. What are the alternatives?

Just finished season 1 of Ozark, late to the party but enjoyed that. Crazy ending, looking forward to season 2 binge before the new season starts.

It looks highly likely that the company I work for are going to stress test our remote access solution on Friday. All employees will be asked to work from home unless their job requires them to be on site (data center etc workers).

I opened the LinkedIn app earlier and it’s still all self congratulation and pats on the back. That’s enough for another 6 months.

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DeTT&CT aims to assist blue teams using ATT&CK to score and compare data log source quality, visibility coverage, detection coverage and threat actor behaviours.

I just need to find the time to watch the rest of the episodes now

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