Week 1 of couch to 5k complete. Thought it was high time I got off my arse before it gets too big to get off.

I have a pigeon nesting in the tree in my garden. I say nest but I mean a loose gathering of twigs. Pigeons are lazy.

My car looking clean, it’s looked rotten since before lockdown

As someone who's exclusively LogRhythm for my SIEM job, my change of job means i need to learn new tools.

Mint KitKat and espresso got me through that last hour today. Good thing about working from home is my espresso machine is handy, downside is the chocolate is too.

Not often I get a good photo of her. My best animal friend.

I’ve had a decent long weekend considering we’re on lockdown. Mainly long overdue garden maintenance with some alfresco eating with my family.

Misty is not observing the social distancing advice.

Just watched the opening episode of Hunters, the opening scene has got me hooked already.

Attended Checkpoint CPX in Vienna this week, these are a couple of shots I took at a party on the Danube.

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