Anyone have any podcast recommendations?

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Some of my favorites: Darknet diaries, Radiolab, unnamed reverse engineering podcast, last Voyage of the pong su, the butterfly effect, cautionary tales with Tim Hartford. Bit of a mix of things, but I think you're just looking for suggestions to look at.

@sidoyle Perhaps the most delightful podcast I follow: The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry (science, droll, BBC Radio 4)

I have a gew favorites, so this is going to be multiple posts.

- No Agenda - News deconstruction and analysis with a humorous take on most topics. The show is recorded live, and will spoil you for other shows with the fantastic audio quality. There's a lot of inside jokes that have developed over the years on the show, but there is a glossary where a lot of terms are covered:

- Moe Factz - Adam and Moe discuss nuanced topics and often find themselves exploring differences in their upbringing and how it colors their perception. If you enjoy long form audio shows, you're going to really like this one. It's not strictly necessary, but I recommend listening to this one from the first episode because most of the shows cover evergreen topics that aren't tied to current events.


- Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (and by extension, HHL: Addendum) - Fantastically crafted narratives of history where Dan explores angles that you don't hear about in conventional history books. It's not on the free feed anymore, but I always recommend starting with his series on WWI, because you'll know 20min into Blueprint for Armageddon I if you like his style.

- Dan Carlin's Common Sense - Dan's take on current events. Much like Hardcore History, he tends to take a unique angle on most topics.

- Security Now - My way of keeping up on current InfoSec news, and there are occasionally shows that take a fun deep dive into various topics. Steve Gibson is so effective at breaking down details that I listened to the audio-only show on the Enigma Machine and was able to clearly understand how the machine works.

For completeness, links for the above shows:

No Agenda:

Moe Factz:

Hardcore History, HH: Addendum, and Common Sense:

Security Now:

@Ent hey, thanks for taking the time in replying. I appreciate your efforts, I’ll add them to my list and dip into them and check them out. Security Now is something I listened too a long time ago, I’ve plenty of Infosec related podcasts already so looking for things outside that genre.

@sidoyle @Ent

Ditto on Security Now. I also like the Open Source Security Podcast, and 2600's Off the Hook radio show is also available as a podcast

@sidoyle @Ent

Oop sorry I missed that last sentence... I'm in the same boat :ablobgrimace:

@float13 @Ent Malicious Life & Darknet Diaries both good podcasts which are not ‘dry’ Infosec news type podcasts, more story driven. RiskyBiz with Patrick Gray is good for Infosec news.

I tried Darknet Diaries a while back and just couldn't get into it. I don't like all the edits interrupting conversation to explain concepts I already understand; just give me the unedited conversation as it happened.

@Ent @float13 I know what you mean, it would be good to have two versions. I’ve shared it with a lot of my tech savvy, not necessarily Infosec savvy friends and it’s great for them.

If there was a feed for a version of the show without the injected commentary, I'd give it another go, but in the meantime there's certainly no lack of options for other good shows that better fit my listening preferences. 🙂

No problem. With Moe Factz, a few good episodes to start with for evergreen topics are these episodes:
9. One Drop
10. Black and Blue
12. White Guilt (12 is especially interesting, covers a ton of history I wasn't aware of before listening)
13. Deconstructing Kanye

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