Can I have an account on two different instances using the same email address for sign up ?

The disparity in the times of post is weird, I don’t get it.

Using mobile apps or the website on my phone, what does the “2h” etc mean in the top right off each toot ? I’m presuming it is a reference to the time but what, exactly does it mean.

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Good morning friends, this server is once again suffering under a heavy load of traffic and I am once again working on making it work better. Please be patient :tiredcat:

With people starting to investigate alternatives to Twitter, how are they going to know if they sign up too a server and invest their time in mastodon that their account will be there tomorrow. Server admins have costs, lose interest, have other things more important in their life to deal with etc.

I’m not knocking the model, I’m not clued up on it so I’m really just thinking aloud.

Not sure if I am slowly getting fitter or hastening my own death with this couch to 5k thing.

Week 1 of couch to 5k complete. Thought it was high time I got off my arse before it gets too big to get off.

I’ve had to abandon any further patio jet washing, sun is too strong today 🥵

Anyone have any podcast recommendations?

6am waking up with a headache isn’t a great start to the day 😩

Oh, I watched The Dissident last night. If you can be arsed watch it, it’s good.

Everyone giddy that the pubs and hairdressers are open tomorrow and I’m here more than happy that my new trainers are being delivered.

When I finally convinced her to delete and not click on the link it contained I wasn’t sure she would. I called her back an hour later to make sure she had. I was thinking to myself she’s going to keep that “just in case”. Mothers.

Why is it so hard to convince my mother that the text message she got about a parcel is a scam. She had about a dozen reasons why it might not be, it’s hard work sometimes.

I just started listening to We Are Bellingcat on Audible

My Valentine’s Day has been mostly painting walls, watching Everton get beat and the wife in bed early with migraine. Thankfully we don’t but into the whole Valentine’s Day shit anyway.

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