New sofa (recliner) arrived today, it’s nice but the best thing about it is it has built in USB charging sockets 😁

If you are a SIEM user/engineer, what do you use to track changes to rules, especially documenting your tuning efforts ?

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Be sure to boost your fellow hackers.townies for extra GibCoin™ rewards!

😩 Beginning to not enjoy my job, I’m not sure I’ve been in this mood for a very long time.

Why is it always me that the cat pesters to get up 😩😺

Attended Checkpoint CPX in Vienna this week, these are a couple of shots I took at a party on the Danube.

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Iran President's Phone 'Recently' Tapped, General Reveals After News of Donald Trump's Unsecured iPhones

My wife headed off on a Hen Party to Spain for a few days, it’s up to me to keep our son and I alive whilst she’s gone.

I’ve been watching Jack Ryan for about 5 hours now.

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Are there any #Arch Linux communities on Mastodon? I've only been using the OS for a few months myself, but I'd love to start interacting with more of you if you're out there.

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