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Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

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After 15 years, tonight is my final night of being “on call” for work.

My car looking clean, it’s looked rotten since before lockdown

Had a yearning for some green tea so ended up buying some “Teapigs” Mao Feng green tea on Amazon. Delivered today and immediately felt uneasy when I read they call the “tea bags”, “tea temples” 😏

Not that anyone asked but I can highly recommend Richard J Aldrich - GCHQ Centenary Edition on Audible. It’s about 25 hours long but well worth a listen if the history of GCHQ is in anyway of interest to you.

I’ve still not found his AirPods 😢

As someone who's exclusively LogRhythm for my SIEM job, my change of job means i need to learn new tools.

That was a fun night over on Twitter wasn’t it.

Mint KitKat and espresso got me through that last hour today. Good thing about working from home is my espresso machine is handy, downside is the chocolate is too.

Fixed, found the engineers menu and turned off “Pushed on demand”.

I’d love to see the algorithm used to record random shit on my Sky Q box.

I started my new job today. Early days but going well, been as social as I can with other team members over Teams. Quite odd starting a new role and not actually meeting your new colleagues.

2 months I’ll do the 3 / 2 day split then a further 2 months with a 4 / 1 split. I get the impression they don’t really want to let me go 🤔

So, I start my new job at the end of the month. 3 days new job, 2 current. It’s a ball ache but gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

Got myself a new job during this lockdown but I have to give 3 months notice 😢

Not often I get a good photo of her. My best animal friend.

I’m going to have to create a CV, not had one in years.

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Ok - registrations on are now closed. All members should have the ability to send an invitation to people who might like to join. The intention is not to close off the site to anyone who legitimately wants to use the site - even if just to lurk. But, no spammers, please.

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