channels are basically the 21st century infomercials.

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As Fedilab is free for few days, the Google Play version has been analysed by @exodus

Yes, there is no trackers. But it's important to make some tests from time to time.

You know what I'd really like to see on fedi? The visibility restrictions from Google+, i.e. circles. Because there are times when I'd like to post stuff that's only visible to a subset of my followers. And creating a mass DM isn't the right way because you can't add or remove people retroactively.

If you rearrange the letters in "clueless script kiddy" you get "Big 4 IT Security Consultant"

He's not wrong, ya know? And it's basically the same for - just replace "indian youtuber" with "muted youtuber, notepad.exe and some siccccck nightcore traxxx"

One thing I'm missing on (and , as far as I'm aware) is to add my own €0.02 before re-tooting something. I dunno why that's not an option. Twitter did it first, Mastodon copied it? Seems rather stupid to me.

If you are looking for a Git server based in Europe, there is @codeberg.

We are hosting our blog content there, providing full transparency of all changes:

There is also a mirror of our InfoSec blog on

You can support the German Codeberg e.V. by donating our applying for a membership. One of our contributors is an active Codeberg member.

#codeberg #git


Few things piss me off more than the pretentiousness, elitism, and general fuckheadedness of , its "philosophy", and its "community".

Manual partitioning & setting up by hand does not make you a 1337-er h4xXx0r.
CLI installers do not make you more br00tal.
Not having any form of convenience when setting up new systems will not fill the hole your unloving parents left in your cold, black lump of coal you call heart.

Bring back , FFS!

Nothing humbles your "infosec pro" ass like wasting 15 minutes figuring out how to disable Secure Boot on your new laptop so you can fucking install that fucking Linux over that fucking Bloatware 10 installation. 15 minutes screwing around like the first monkey that discovered a laptop 🙈

Companies who try to force their employees to act as "brand ambassadors" or similar marketing bullshit lingo should be drawn, quartered, and shot in the genitals with rusty nails.

Fuck you, I'm neither your friend nor your marketing asset. I'm your employee who's only here because he gets paid.

This is the best scam bait I've ever watched. So f'ing funny, it's amazing. Granny Edna is the boss! I mean..... TBH, this probably qualifies as psychological torture and goes against a few points of the Geneva Conventions. But then again.... fuck those with a rusty garden hoe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "Madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam madam."

I mean, that's €3000+ in digital Monopoly money right there.

Sadly, it seems that these PDF-approaches are more successful than their plaintext email counterparts. 😣

Oh FFS, these are getting boring. Instead of the usual emails, they now send you password-encrypted PDF files with one of your previously leaked PWs as file name. That got my attention and as I was curious, I booted up my offline VM, threw the PDF in there, and opened it up. Result? The same old boring Sextortion scam. Scammers, get your shit together and bring something new and interesting to the table. Currently, this form of entertainment sucks, tbh! 😴

Our lead developer was recently laid off from his job, your support via Patreon, Open Collective and other platforms means a lot during this difficult time.

We've come too far to give up now, progress may be slower for the next few weeks.

🏆 Achievement unlocked: survived my first Mastodon drama 🙌🏻

How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

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