rc3.world/2021 - Better than nothing, I guess. Fucking Covid 😣 Still glad that the fine folks at rC3 host such a fantastic event. Thank you! 🙏🏻


odd(ish) observation: For DECADES, the whole community — aka. out of shape with beer bellies and surgically attached camo Oakley glasses — has been cosplaying their weird "downfall of society" LARP for when "shit hits the fan". Then a literal plague hits & they all go full bootlick mode, crying havoc and .

Weirds me tf out.

Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

The "How to Radicalize a Normie" video is now *age-restricted* on YouTube:

Literally a video that shows how alt-right radicalizes people and which can be (and has successfully been) used to de-radicalize people is now age-restricted.

I just can't.

Wer kann eine:n IT-Security-Berater:in empfehlen, der:die unsere Non-Profit-Organisation bei der Evaluierung unserer Infrastruktur und der Erarbeitung einer Security-Policy beraten kann? Gerne aus dem Chaos-Umfeld.


#security #itsecurity #NPO

So I guess what I'm trying to ask is:

What are your steps to a better feed and steer clear of all this useless crap?

Drop some @'s from people who actually bring value to the and make your feed better every day. Be it related or anything else. - doesn't matter as long as it makes you smile when you open


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- Folks just genuinely being unpleasant fucks who will hijack any discussion to further their agenda.
- Folks who drop all civility once they log on to the interwebz.
- Echo chambers everywhere

Verdict? I dunno, but it seems that the problem is internet culture as a whole and not a specific site like Twitter.


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- Folks crying havoc because their public posts are public and people are scraping them.
- Folks crying murder when their agenda is not met with 100 % approval
- Folks attacking devs due to their own inability to understand basic principles of the Fediverse/technology in general
- Folks campaigning to silence individual users based on moot points


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I quit and moved to / in hope of a better climate, less trench-digging, and less virtue-signalling. That was more than 2 years ago. Since then, I've seen the same that initially drove me from the .


Germany, 2021. Why exactly is it illegal to beat up such xenophobic asswipes?

Die App der N26-Onlinebank bekommt bei Updates regelmäßig neue Tracker spendiert. Nun sind wir schon bei 12 Trackern - und das innerhalb einer Banking-App. 🙈


Yo folks! Can any1 recommend a CLOSED case with a fan for a ?

* must house at least 4 Raspberry Pis (rec. for 8 Pis are also welcome)
* must be enclosed to filter dust
* must have active cooling/fan
* must NOT be open design
* must be available in

⚠️ Message from the Board of Directors ⚠️

I fucking love for . Recently caught myself again thinking "damn, Channel XYZ really stopped all these annoying 'but first, let's have a word from our sponsors...' crap" until I realized that I've been auto-skipping that cancer for quite some time now.

In other news: The Bird Site will charge their sheeple for an edit function and will offer Patreon-esque follower features for mega-simps 😂 I fucking hate this world sometimes.

Kinda related: is there a reason why a on can't be edited? Something protocol-related or just a ploy to have the same "features" as Twitter?


Lessons learned from the yesterday: For a series of decentralized tubes, the interwebz sure as fuck relies heavily on 1-2 CDNs... Well, at least we can count on

Signed with respect for muh bruthuuuhs

Shitsuckers Forever, Forever Shitsuckers

Ride free, live free

SYDL - President of Shitty Harley-Riding Asshole MC, Chapter North Backwaterpisstown ♦️ 🦅

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Newest covid hobby: stalking / groups on .

It's kinda pathetic to see all these boomers cosplay as big bad biker bros while circlejerking crap like "Respect, brothah!" or "Shitsuckers MC greets Cuckqueens MC and wishes all free riders a happy new year" — it's like someone introduced all the world's geriatric stations to MySpace at once and only gave them a siterip of r/THE_PACK to post. !!!!

Oh right, short update on this one:

The client pulled out of the contract because their dev/test systems are ~1-1,5 years behind prod. And they don't want us to prod (obviously). And they can't deploy the current prod branch to dev/test due to $arbitrary_environment_limitations (aka shit's out of date AF, yo)

Also, they don't want us to look at their because $some_legal_bs.

Well, g'day m'lords. Have fun with your . FFS


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Basically, I'm at the first fork of a text adventure

a) Do the regular greybox approach first and crack this thing open within 20 minutes.
b) [Easy Mode] Do the whitebox approach first, check their sec tools' reports, and crack this thing open within 5 minutes.

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