Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

The "How to Radicalize a Normie" video is now *age-restricted* on YouTube:

Literally a video that shows how alt-right radicalizes people and which can be (and has successfully been) used to de-radicalize people is now age-restricted.

I just can't.

Wer kann eine:n IT-Security-Berater:in empfehlen, der:die unsere Non-Profit-Organisation bei der Evaluierung unserer Infrastruktur und der Erarbeitung einer Security-Policy beraten kann? Gerne aus dem Chaos-Umfeld.


#security #itsecurity #NPO

So I guess what I'm trying to ask is:

What are your steps to a better feed and steer clear of all this useless crap?

Drop some @'s from people who actually bring value to the and make your feed better every day. Be it related or anything else. - doesn't matter as long as it makes you smile when you open


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- Folks just genuinely being unpleasant fucks who will hijack any discussion to further their agenda.
- Folks who drop all civility once they log on to the interwebz.
- Echo chambers everywhere

Verdict? I dunno, but it seems that the problem is internet culture as a whole and not a specific site like Twitter.


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- Folks crying havoc because their public posts are public and people are scraping them.
- Folks crying murder when their agenda is not met with 100 % approval
- Folks attacking devs due to their own inability to understand basic principles of the Fediverse/technology in general
- Folks campaigning to silence individual users based on moot points


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I quit and moved to / in hope of a better climate, less trench-digging, and less virtue-signalling. That was more than 2 years ago. Since then, I've seen the same that initially drove me from the .


Germany, 2021. Why exactly is it illegal to beat up such xenophobic asswipes?

Die App der N26-Onlinebank bekommt bei Updates regelmäßig neue Tracker spendiert. Nun sind wir schon bei 12 Trackern - und das innerhalb einer Banking-App. 🙈


Yo folks! Can any1 recommend a CLOSED case with a fan for a ?

* must house at least 4 Raspberry Pis (rec. for 8 Pis are also welcome)
* must be enclosed to filter dust
* must have active cooling/fan
* must NOT be open design
* must be available in

⚠️ Message from the Board of Directors ⚠️

I fucking love for . Recently caught myself again thinking "damn, Channel XYZ really stopped all these annoying 'but first, let's have a word from our sponsors...' crap" until I realized that I've been auto-skipping that cancer for quite some time now.

In other news: The Bird Site will charge their sheeple for an edit function and will offer Patreon-esque follower features for mega-simps 😂 I fucking hate this world sometimes.

Kinda related: is there a reason why a on can't be edited? Something protocol-related or just a ploy to have the same "features" as Twitter?


Lessons learned from the yesterday: For a series of decentralized tubes, the interwebz sure as fuck relies heavily on 1-2 CDNs... Well, at least we can count on

Signed with respect for muh bruthuuuhs

Shitsuckers Forever, Forever Shitsuckers

Ride free, live free

SYDL - President of Shitty Harley-Riding Asshole MC, Chapter North Backwaterpisstown ♦️ 🦅

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Newest covid hobby: stalking / groups on .

It's kinda pathetic to see all these boomers cosplay as big bad biker bros while circlejerking crap like "Respect, brothah!" or "Shitsuckers MC greets Cuckqueens MC and wishes all free riders a happy new year" — it's like someone introduced all the world's geriatric stations to MySpace at once and only gave them a siterip of r/THE_PACK to post. !!!!

Oh right, short update on this one:

The client pulled out of the contract because their dev/test systems are ~1-1,5 years behind prod. And they don't want us to prod (obviously). And they can't deploy the current prod branch to dev/test due to $arbitrary_environment_limitations (aka shit's out of date AF, yo)

Also, they don't want us to look at their because $some_legal_bs.

Well, g'day m'lords. Have fun with your . FFS


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Basically, I'm at the first fork of a text adventure

a) Do the regular greybox approach first and crack this thing open within 20 minutes.
b) [Easy Mode] Do the whitebox approach first, check their sec tools' reports, and crack this thing open within 5 minutes.

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The Good:
- Kickoff at new client today.
- Their software devs have a bunch of security tools integrated into their pipeline.
- These tools cover >95% of their code base

The Bad:
- If these tools fail the build, devs just disable the checks and deploy to prod anyway cuz "security is blocking us too much!"
- Client's sec department has no one to take care of all the vuln alerts.
- This is their 1st pentest.

That's gonna be an interesting project.

is cringe. And people who base their entire personality and identity on consuming are fucking annoying. Like... what are they expecting to hear? "OMGGGG, u watch that underrated film series??? U so keeewl! Totally badass that u r a !"

FFS, you make #420 stans look good in comparison. 🙄

Nah, just kidding. Star Wars is awesome and May the 4th be with you, young padawans 😘

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