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@chartier The current standards are a shitshow. So:

- USB Type C is just the physical connector
- USB 3.1 gen 2 is the current fastest version of the USB protocol and uses the Type C connector
- Thunderbolt 3 is an entirely separate protocol from USB 3.1 gen 2 that _also_ uses the Type C connector

USB 4 merges the two protocols, so USB 4 is a superset of TB3 (still using the Type C connector).

(then there's also USB 3.2 Gen 2x2, which is a protocol that is also over the Type C connector, but is _not_ Thunderbolt)

So USB4 will be substantially better than the current situation, but still not great because of old devices/cables and backwards compatibility needs.

: Start documenting and organizing your script files as soon as you start out with . Once you're doing it for X+ years, only the gods may help you with that chaos you call pentest_stuff/usefull_scripts/

-discipline 🗃️

Helping a relative out with his server config/maintenance and other crap. Fuck me, I hate sys admin stuff so much. How can someone do that for a living?? I just wanna break things and write some condescending pentest reports tbh 🙄

Poor sextortion scammer didn't even get a single crumb of Satoshi yet 😣
In the meantime I'm gonna watch some of that "perverted stuff" to give this d00d even more footage. Maybe I'll get my own "The Very Best of SYIDL - A XXX Parody" soon? 💰 💰 💰

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 🐠   🐡    
 🌱  🌾     

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RT @nicosemsrott
Find es immer noch schlimm, dass nicht die Zusammenarbeit mit Rechtsextremisten an sich der Skandal ist, sondern erst die Zusammenarbeit mit KORRUPTEN Rechtsextremisten.

#Strache #strachevideo

PS: Fuck you and fuck every voter who supported this traitor party. Oh and fuck for being an opportunistic asshole who brought these fascists into the government.

Breaking News in : / politicians are willing to sell their country and their grandmothers to foreign governments for political gains. Who would have thought that these don't care about their "beloved" country?? 🤔 Hmmm... LITERALLY ANYONE who paid attention in the last 80 years.

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deswegen ist der staatstrojaner abzulehnen. die hintertüren werden immer geleaked:

Stolen NSA hacking tools were used in the wild 14 months before Shadow Brokers leak - Your Backdoors and Exploits are going to get out, just a matter of when

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The @gnome and KDE communities are looking for locations for the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019, an event that wants to help the Linux application ecosystem flourish.

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Tor-focussed :tor: operating system Tails 3.13.2 released:

– update for Tor Browser to fix disabled extensions
– updates for Debian (9.9), and Thunderbird 60.6.1
– bug fixes and minor changes

#tails #tor #torbrowser #privacy #anonymity

Good morning folks. Today's words of wisdom come from one of the best rappers there is:

"Life's not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman.
You only call her a bitch 'cause she won't let you get that pussy." 👏🏻 🙌🏻

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Who says "Dee dee oh es" instead of "Dee-dos"

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GitLab reports suspicious Git activity:

– one or more attackers seem to wipe Git repos, or hold them for ransom
– the attackers seemingly know credentials
– GitLab notifies affected users and investigates this at the moment

#gitlab #credentials #ransom #databreach #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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Die Gesellschaft für Informatik #GI schliesst ihr offizielle #Facebook Präsenz. Als Begründung wird angeführt:
1. Facebook ist ein Feind des Datenschutzes.
2. Facebook vernachlässigt die Datensicherheit.
3. Facebook bedroht Demokratie und Marktwirtschaft.
Hoffentlich werden weitere Organisationen dem Beispiel folgen!

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Tusky vs. #Fedilab 

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