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Why paper-based election are great? Because the critical path is easy enough to understand and check by everyone:

1. You get your election paper and your ID is checked so you are allowed to vote
2. You check that all parties are listed
3. You check that no one is shoulder-surfing you while voting
4. You put it into the right box
5. You watch the election committee counting and reporting the correct numbers.

For electronic elections, let me ask one question: How does a kernel work?

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Over on that other microblogging platform, John Baez points out how easy it is for mathematical physics crackpottery to get published in a prestigious-sounding pay-to-publish journal from an actually-prestigious publisher, Nature Scientific Reports:

In the ensuing discussion, Flavio Nogueira reports that editors rejected papers only to see them published anyway:

Should we start treating Nature as a predatory publisher?

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Open Privacy has released Cwtch Alpha 0.3.1.

It looks like you can now create and use multiple user profiles, which can optionally be password-protected. Interesting!

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