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My new found confidence gave me the courage to ask out the most popular girl in school, Lauren Stockholder, for prom that year. She rejected me and I had to go Stacey McMillan, but I didn't care because I was so amped on chugging with my boys. That's what does. Securing software is the truest way to party.

Writing software was the bedrock of my development as a young man in Toronto. My first introduction to manhood came when the captain of my water polo team, Boomer Kingsley, asked me to shotgun a tall can of Bud Light in front of the whole squad at the pre-CTF for . His parents were in Muskoka at the time so we tore that weekend up. It was epic and I was super stoked.

What up, my name is @rpavlov. I'm a programmer and computer-party enthusiast. Over the past week I've been in a state of deep despair upon hearing the news of yet another data breach. I am here determined to stop this future atrocity.

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