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Q: If we instituted Universal Basic Income, who would clean the toilets?

A: Highly paid professionals.

Q: How highly paid?

A: The market will decide, but you can get an upper bound by thinking of how much you'd have to be paid to quit your job and switch to cleaning toilets.

Q: That's quite a lot. Wouldn't that result in a drain from other jobs?

A: It would mostly attract people strongly motivated by money. Draining the jobs mainly occupied by people like that sounds like an improvement.

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I'm really glad that I found before had to fly home for the holidays. It's certainly very useful when you're relying on a lot of wifi networks with less-than-perfect captive portals.

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The Navy installed touch-screen steering systems to save money.

Systems it didn’t understand and the crew didn’t receive training on.

Ten sailors paid with their lives.

I'm rationalising Mastodon accounts so I'm off to @rochelimit .


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Anyone Can Check for Magecart with Just the Browser

What can a normal everyday user do to check and see if their favorite shopping site is compromised? In this blog post, I will go over a few steps that don’t require any security training to perform.

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IMO, one of the root causes with the mess that is data privacy in our high-tech culture is the idea that data is “owned”. Many companies’ position is basically that if I give them (or they discover) data about me, they now *own* that data

If they own it, they can do as they please with it, subject only to the limitations of any other property use

It’d be better if it was treated as *custodianship*

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Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security

The network’s furthering of lies from foreign adversaries and flagrant disregard for the truth have gotten downright dangerous.

Just enjoyed listening to Escape Pod's episode 709: "In A Wide Sky, Hidden" on my run this morning. I love stories that reach into my life and force me to reconsider my own assumptions.

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Today I think Debian is as newbie-friendly as anything, except for compatibility since it doesn't include non-free drivers out-of-box. But on FOSS compatible computer I'd suggest it to anyone

However Ubuntu back in the (2004-2005) was a friggin miracle. It mounted drives automatically and all. Muchy easier than newbie-friendly Mandrake I started with


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“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.

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**No excuse for silence on China's camps for Uighurs: exiled leader**

"The exiled leader of China's minority Muslim Uighurs is pressing countries to cut trade links with Beijing, saying the time for business as usual is over. "

#news #bot

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> Seriously though, it's really hard to make a popular FOSS project stop. They live forever. They're like cockroaches. But with freedom.

"free as in cockroaches"

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Edward Snowden says 'the most powerful institutions in society have become the least accountable'

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I'll be happy when we can finally abolish this ridiculous practice. I don't see why we in Boston need to pretend to be out in the ocean half the year. Why not just publish winter and summer coordinates if it matters to you, and everyone else can just keep a fixed address?

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Good news: I've had a major success getting my managers to accept we need to do much more to protect our PII, after 18 mths of trying. Bad news: they now expect me to work extra hours for no pay carrying out the training and policy development.

if she will only do what she is told? An elected president would have felt a mandate to protect the main.

It's just too perfect...

Portland's Unipiper plays Star Wars theme on 2 flaming bagpipes -

Mozilla has announced their new secure way to share large files over t'internet. It'll be great to have this problem finally solved without signups, and by a trustworthy organisation too.

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