Related: What are *your* methods of keeping healthy (mentally, physically, etc) while in ?

@robertcc This might sound like a bad answer, but here goes (and mind you, I'm only a hobbyist)

I imagine I'm ahead of the curve. Doing 1 more thing than the average Joe. When it comes to users I manage, I am aware their passwords are shit and that ANYONE with half a mind could rob the heck out of our place, but that part is not in my job description.

Oh, and smoking. Cigars.

Alcohol. A lot of alcohol.

Besides that, meditation and sport.

@robertcc Lots of sleep, also try to avoid or decrease issues around RSI

@robertcc Meditation and kids. Who needs a gym if they're running after kids all day?

@robertcc yoga and regular exercise, enough and regular sleep, no coffee, knowing when to take self-care breaks from the industry and current events

Play music w/an acoustic instrument and let it resonate through your body. Frequency therapy.

@robertcc crying silently in the corner in the dark, when no one can see...

Mentally: trolling all day long, to vent, to think about something else, to have a laugh.
Physically: ?!? Naaah! There is no such thing as "meatspace".

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