Does anyone have any experience with the suite? It is interesting coming from Purism. Priced for privacy maybe?

Does anyone have any experience with either Kolab or KolabNow? I'm looking at my private e-mail options.

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Per process sandboxing, with some friendly default rules for common desktop applications. I was not aware of this and have started playing with it myself, and it seems like a pretty nice layer to isolate and cordon off processes.

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I think I owe a hat tip to @marcusjcarey on Twitter for this, but this is something that is tremendously useful for those long investigative sessions.

I'm looking for an overnight SOC analyst for our managed SOC in Portland Oregon. I'm targeting more junior/mid-level at this time, so if you've got a strong background in IT, awareness of, and thirst for, security good-guying and data analytics, and hate the daylight, send yourself my way and let's talk.

(Last toot: it's also just really useful in daily life.)

Hey everyone.

If you're making a video when you're entering stuff into a bash shell, please don't spend time futzing around with fixing typos.

If you do, please consider using ^txet^text^ or !!:gs/txet/text/ to fix it without hunting through the previous line.

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What a bug... FaceTime lets you call another iOS user and listen to their microphone briefly without them even answering

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makes the internet fun again, we need more places like this online. Places to have adventures and explore.

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What's one of the most contentious, hardest pieces of corporate security? Updates! But also freaking passwords. No matter how (commonly) long your password policy, nothing is usually in the way of people just using "Companyname2018!" which falls to a dictionary attack immediately.

Password blacklisting for active directory:

(I haven't had time to evaluate the current solutions yet, but this is an awfully good layer conceptually.)

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I can't freaking remember where I found this, but it's a great red/blue/purple team guide to screwing with Windows events.

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The Paradox of Choice - Learning new skills in without getting too overwhelmed

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@robertcc This might sound like a bad answer, but here goes (and mind you, I'm only a hobbyist)

I imagine I'm ahead of the curve. Doing 1 more thing than the average Joe. When it comes to users I manage, I am aware their passwords are shit and that ANYONE with half a mind could rob the heck out of our place, but that part is not in my job description.

Oh, and smoking. Cigars.

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Alcohol. A lot of alcohol.

Besides that, meditation and sport.

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