@Ricardus That's great! Have them hit me up or check out the careers.cyberark.com page. Lots of really good gigs on there.

@ticoombs They're based in Israel and Boston, so time-zones aren't an issue.

@jordan31 Malware research is what I'm looking for, but CyberArk is looking for a bunch of other technical roles (Solutions Engineers, developers, CSM's, etc) too.

Any of you attend a virtual con with a decent platform? Something self-contained (aka not Discord to YouTube).
I'll reach out to the con planners and find out which platforms they used...just give me some virtual event where you actually liked the experience.

Yo! $DayJob is looking for to recruit security researchers, developers, engineers team leaders and more to join the team. Seriously...hit me up and I can give you more intel.

I was playing around with this tool today and it's pretty neat. If you already have DA, this will give you a bunch of recon on all the other accounts in the directory.


Just updated my CPE's and renewed my certs.
I'm still a certified pentester. 😅

Inlaws exposed wife[0] and spawn[0:1] to covid. Now on quarantine. THANKS INLAWS

Ugh. Week 2 of 8 hour sales training. Esp considering I'm LEAVING sales at the end of the month, this is going to be rough on me. :oof:

Remember when infosec twitter was about infosec? Yeah, welcome back to Mastodon...

@hcs It's actually easier than you think. You don't have to do business travel. Check out this concept called "manufactured spend". I think it'll blow your mind. :)

@ScottMortimer I just got out of a client meeting. They want to do all these advanced use-cases, but no MFA. It's slowly killing my soul.

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