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Someone sent 10BTC to a "double your coins" scam that replied to an Elon Musk tweet.

And had to do the walk of shame to inform his wife he just pissed away half a million dollars.
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#chatcontrol is an EU plan to spy in real time on *all* your communication, including encrypted messengers like Signal. Let me put it bluntly: If the state doesn't trust me, I will never trust the state. This is unacceptable. Period.

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Impedence. It really kills your gain.
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The OVH fire probably nuked a good number of fediverse instances. If your friends aren’t online, that might be why.

Man, I wish ssh would wait until the next billing cycle to realize the connection died and to give me my damned shell back

I think it's awful that Eugene's piss-poor code potentially exposed the personal information of thousands.

It's entirely possible that the vulnerability I kept trying to tell Eugene about was used to pop gab but that's none of my business

maybe don't suspend security researchers, you'll receive more (and better) bug reports :/

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Heavy metal legends and outspoken copyright maximalists Metallica played a concert on Twitch, only to find their audio replaced with royalty-free chiptune library music by an automated copyright filter:


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The "Good Boy Licence", another example of funny people making life difficult for everyone in #web, #technology and #FOSS.

So e.g. are excluded, or can they be good boys, too? (Among other difficulties pointed out in my review).

All employees MUST wash hands before returning to libc

Everyone wants to stand out, but please do not do something like this in place of a one-page resume.

Zero recruiters will be grilling your "resume chatbot" to get the information they need.

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Three quarters of the seats are filled with cardboard cutouts.

I don't want to see a single "native ad" about how Verizon or Cisco or whoever went through some herculean task deploying 9001 small cells, and deploying mmWave on top of it to handle terabits/s of mostly snapchat
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IoT device browser doesn't let you enter file:///? Use view-source:file:///. It works 80% of the time

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"Why are there a bunch of variants all of a sudden?"

Look at the daily new cases. Understand that even though we're "bored" with covid, more people have it at a given time than ever before, by a large amount.

Each person is gonna make a trillion or two copies of the virus. Each one of those has a small chance to have a "bit flip" (a mutation)

More people is more tickets to the evolutionary lottery. And when someone hits the jackpot, it also takes a little while for the big winner to propagate.
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CNBC literally every 15 minutes outright begging, literally fucking begging, for Reddit to show mercy to billion dollar hedge firms

"People have pensions in there and a lot of people who aren't rich could get hurt :("

Guys uh... That's gonna fall flat. Millenials don't get pensions and zoomers have never heard of them. Some boomers can't afford gas for their boat this month. Boo hoo.
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Heap-based buffer overflow in sudo:

- exploitable by any local user (even non-sudoers)
- introduced in July 2011
- affects default configuration

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"I turned off my webcam so I'm saving the planet!"

She says, holding her coffee mug with both hands, the furnace cranked up to 80, Disney+ on and muted in the background (so she has something to look at during the video call), a dozen cookies in the oven, having forgotten to turn off all the lights, right after her 45 minute long hot shower.

Oh, and that computer runs 4 electron apps 24/7, even the 18 hours a day she's not using that computer.

But she's really proud about those webcam savings.
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