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In order to combat the spread of any worms arising from this particular vulnerability, administrators are advised to keep servers at least 6U apart in racks.

Hi, are you... Paying... For your business' server software?

Better patch it. That software you pay through the nose for is more insecure than a yasuo main on a 10 game loss streak.

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Imagine doing this and then thinking you're the good guys.


Are we going to talk about the fact that official reports from the European Parliament are openly (and approvingly) talking about implementing their own version of the Great Firewall of China?


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Linux 5.7 adds support for Apple fast charging. It enables iOS devices to pull up to 2.5 amps.

How exactly are they doing that without blowing up cheap motherboards?

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It would have been funny if it weren't true!
The proposal to re-evaluate "years of experience" in "skill level" is interesting.

Hey iPhone fans, congrats on your innovative, never before seen, brand new, groundbreaking, disruptive, status quo smashing, home screen widgets.

This is the HTC Dream. It was released in 2008.

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The richest man on the planet became this way by building a warehouse and shipping behemoth that... Somehow carried on for 20 years without necessarily knowing who their suppliers were.


I sent this statuses from two places at the same time with

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Something is going on with email lately. Huge uptick in attempts to crack some very specific accounts on my mail server.

The accounts in question can't actually be hacked: they are one-off aliases created per-service, but like, some kinda troubling ones. Like "adobe@", which is an email only Adobe would know exists. They're not trying adobe@every-domain-on-the-server, just adobe@one-specific-domain, and a few other aliases at different domains, like one was an alias made for The Lady so that she could run an Instagram account for the dog for like a month before losing interest, and it's been completely unused for about two years.

To be clear, this isn't spam directly, probably they're trying to get into the account to *send* spam, but to stem the tide of individual hosts getting blocked, I killed off all traffic from a handful of subnets and it's still coming in.

Here's a graph of unique hosts that tried to brute-force on a given day. About 30 happened while I was writing this post, so that graph shows 957 today but it's 990 now. As you can see, it's usually close enough to zero that it doesn't matter, then consistently around 100 this week, 325 yesterday, and it'll hit 1k today at this rate. Keep in mind, all the hosts that tried this yesterday are blocked, so it's 1k *new* IPs trying to do this, so there's some kind of moderately large botnet.

(FSE is the usual subject of graphs here, but this doesn't affect FSE.)
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I dislike working with garbage collected languages bc what if the garbage collector decides to come for me next

I've been waiting on a FOIA request from Jefferson Parish since March.

I didn't know covid made it impossible to query a database. Also, it sure as shit didn't take them 3 months to plant drugs on a dude

Has covid killed coworking spaces yet?

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I forced an AI to read the x86 reference manual alongside 1000 programs to produce a program on its own. This is the result.

$ ./a.out
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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PSA: cloth and paper masks worn to help prevent spread of Coronavirus (and other diseases) do not need to form a seal to be effective.

They do two things:
a. capture most of the droplets you exhale/cough/sneeze out
b. slow down (and thus reduce the range of) any droplets not caught

If you have two layers of fabric covering your nose and mouth, you are wearing a fabric mask correctly.

If breath reflects off of them and escapes around the edges, that is just fine -- the bulk of the droplets were caught, and those few that leave around the edges are slowed a ton. Mission accomplished.

Misinformation on this point (most of which seems to be repeating proper fit and donning for PPE masks, which do need to form a seal) is leading people to not wear masks because they believe they are difficult or impossible to wear correctly.

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the gargron community is dying, rt if you're a real eugenicist

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One wonders if Snowden regrets throwing away his life to warn ungrateful Americans about unconstitutional NSA wire-tapping.

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