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I don't gotta do a God damned thing, I didn't put init-carcinoma on my computer.

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r000t: hey guys I'm trying to make fedi searchable, allow for better discovery, leaner single-user instances, and manage expectations as to what privacy guarantees can and cannot be reasonably made in a decentralized social media network. To opt-out, just use any of the post privacy-scopes here, other than Public. It's easy!

tumblrverse: Two clicks is too much work. I'd rather victim shame you. If you want to be treated like a human being, you need to have been on HRT for at least 6 months, kthxbai

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@r000t correction: i wont play any trojan horse that happens to include a video game as its diversion, regardless of the payload's behaviour

The Absolutely Perfect, Unbreakable, Bug-Free, Very Good kernel-mode anticheat that riot wants to run on your computer....

Banned someone for plugging in their phone to charge. Golly.

Tell Riot: "I won't play your game until you remove the Chinese rootkit that spews false positives anyway"

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Gates Foundation, wuhan institute of virology, WHO got hacked. PUBLIC LEAKS

current live thread:



Gates Foundation (embed)

WHO (embed)

Wuhan Institute of Virology (embed)

Misc Pastebins (embed) (embed)


Imgur (Leaked Chats)




CC @p @Mikoto @nerdman @canidaeportent @sjw

So that horrendous KDE memory leak, I've run into on:
- Dolphin
- Plasmashell
- Gwenview
- kdeconnectd

Any of these will consume multiple gigabytes of memory after being left open for a few days.

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Here, I trimmed out the only part of the LoR teaser that's actually worth watching.

Little punk buddy doing what he does best: Building something amazing with a part someone was careless enough to drop into Zaun.

It's okay, you don't miss much after this scene. Just shittier inventors using Ekko's technology with like, no fucking attribution.

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@sasha_sorokin I had a situation like that:

*laptop is connected to the video projector*

/audience is ~20 ppl/

*goes into tty, quickly enters password*

*to the username field*

Somebody from the audience: "wow, that's a cool username you have"

Me: "wait what."

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Hi we're tencent, and getting # @ ur pc wasn't enough for us.

We're deeply concerned about cheating in our shitty f2p mobile games too, and that's why starting with Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift, we're requiring full access to the baseband radio of your phone. If you own an iOS device, you will be required to deploy our firmware to the Secure Enclave.

because cheaters and no other reason, capitalist scu- I mean valued customer

--riot "tencent is what your privacy is worth to us" games

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"we could already steal your grandma's secret recipes from userland"

You sure could. What you couldn't do is monitor network traffic, monitor keystrokes, modify the libraries of other programs, read cryptographic keys from memory, access raw sensor data, or just straight up have NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM on millions of computers so that people don't aimbot your shitty f2p tf2 clone.

Why should I have to build an airgapped computer just to play tencent's horseshit games on?

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Riot Games
the company that can't balance their fucking moba
the company that thinks Chromium Embedded Framework is suitable for a game client
the company that can't even figure out how to curb sexual harassment in the workplace
wants to run their anticheat in kernel mode

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Only displays this on mobile browsers. Firefox on Linux shows a 404.

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