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Good news: Nevada ditched The Caucus App that (allegedly) put results in the app developer's Google Drive

Bad news: Nevada's planning on using, I shit you not, a Google Form

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@p @Lumeinshin @awl @theblessing Watching those congressional hearings on shit like encryption is fucking horrifying.

Those idiots have zero clue what they're doing, man.

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I wonder how many millions of girls were inspired to go into infosec or similar disciplines because of Acid Burn and Trinity

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@ITsecJ wait hold on, there's EFF hoodies? way to bury the fucking lede

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Just don't have that much of weaponiced Tech around my business


How would you prevent an Edward Snowden-style data breach in your organization if you were the Cybersecurity Director?


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@garrett From VMWare's perspective, it makes perfect sense. All other things being equal, a business upgrading a small cluster will need half the physical CPU nodes to get the same number of cores.

I also believe "save on per-CPU licensing costs" was a bullet point in EPYC marketing material.

In any case, there's no fucking reason to pay a penny for virtualization software.

Command hooks will get that on the wall or ceiling

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@orangesec2 yeahhhhhhh my phone already has E2E apps present and I will not migrate to ones that do not. It's really that simple.

@fristi Thousands of statuses in less than 100MB of memory 💪

@fristi *eventually*, the tabs will auto-set their background to the pleromafe background, if one exists, but that's way down the line

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