A few people have gotten suspensions on Twitter for saying "learn to code"

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That was the plan.

Just be thankful CEC mostly works.

Any new technology is going to first be populated by crowds associated with early adoption.

. @shitpostbot represents one of the last things on Twitter that isn't here.

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Imagine basing your entire personality on a social media software. What a normie. A true web surfer would base it on newgrounds

Looks like I'll have to turn off Facebook's encrypted messages. @protonmail appears to be wrapping the PGP-encrypted messages Facebook sends with another layer of PGP, causing this error.

VPS/compute isntance providers have been offering IPv6-only instances (usually very low end) for some time.

When you're setting up a small service, only expected to be used by IPv6-ready hosts, it's tempting to save some money (and a v4 address) by going with these options.

And it's great, up until you have to pull down something from Github. Which has no AAAA records.

This is what happens when pi-hole forwards to bind9 which fails to find dnsproxy so it recurses to pi-hole, which fowards to bind9, which fails to find dnsproxy, so it recurses to----

@leip4Ier What about the ones that *immediately* place a call out?

@woland holy shit dude, is the shitposting factory offering remote work?

Damn, what an interesting backyard. It must be interesting, because the owner of it really doesn't want me to see it.

Also fun: /pol/ has discovered a list of printers in New Zealand and some Arab countries that expose telnet on port 9100. You know, the same port used by @hackergiraffe

Those of you who had "political memefare" in the what-will-unsecured-printers-do-next pool, come collect your winnings!


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