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"I turned off my webcam so I'm saving the planet!"

She says, holding her coffee mug with both hands, the furnace cranked up to 80, Disney+ on and muted in the background (so she has something to look at during the video call), a dozen cookies in the oven, having forgotten to turn off all the lights, right after her 45 minute long hot shower.

Oh, and that computer runs 4 electron apps 24/7, even the 18 hours a day she's not using that computer.

But she's really proud about those webcam savings.
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Oh boy, he's gonna learn about the Lovecraftian horror of how BGP works and how you announce that you're using IP space and where you're using it from.

You can still turn around and give up. There's a reason infosec people cannot remain sober.
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>people getting all panicked over a single Internet exchange getting the facade torn off of it

folks, the internet was, from its infancy over 60 years ago, designed to be able to withstand nuclear strikes so that military leaders could still have access to pornography.

the internet will be fucking fine. if large amounts of AT&T's network shit the bed because of this, that sounds like AT&T's problem.

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Ready to see the *whole* fediverse? The one without brigades and squabbling admins?

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A new year.

A new way to browse and discover, without buying more RAM.


@Gargron Reversible suspensions, huh? So when am I getting my .social account back?

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This is spectacular. "How will we convey to people x years from now to stay the fuck away from here?" in regards to buried nuclear waste was a big news story just a few months ago

And people are flocking to random markers in the middle of fuck off nowhere to see what's inside.

@drwho oh my fucking god.

only a matter of time before the get-you-to-power-off-your-phone-for-"upgrades"-then-call-family-say-you-got-kidnapped-and-demand-random folks learn that

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Okay, now I'm pissed.

Just got a phone call from an unfamiliar number. It's in the same NPA-NXX as my mom's hospital, and she just had another surgery (her chest tube was removed), so I picked up.

I then heard my mom's voice - "Hello?"

Then the credit card spammer's recording cut in.

Fuckers are correlating numbers and voices to get people to pick up. They probably recorded me saying "Hi, mom?" if and when they call her.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz"God... I don't know what's wrong with my budget! Send me a sign!"

*printer clogs*

Subwindows now show context/timelines for statuses/actors respectively, they update cleanly the first time, and they correctly deduplicate.

and they make long threads incredibly easy to read

The solution to your ISO9001 problem isn't to make your high performers shitty, it's to raise up your shitty performers.

@djsumdog @djsumdog They'll either use the nice tools, such as the blocklist subscriptions, or they'll refuse the help, and admit that was never about curbing abuse, and was always about attention.

I'm working 40 hours a week to try and make a Christmas release, or at least closed beta.

The real drama, of course, starts when they start banning/cancelling users and instances because people use the "client for harassers".

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