The perfect gift for that someone whose password reset answers you just can't guess.

Had to fight through some news crews on the way out, but I got my drugs!

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Twitter hosting literal bomb threats 

(-) An Open Letter to in regards to their DDoS attacks this evening 

>try this champ in ranked

I wouldn't try anybody else. Not for anything.

When your skiddy "how-to" is just fucking wrong in the first sentence. Get this horseshit off my feed.'s downtime brought to you by, GIGABYTE.

GIGABYTE: Insist on ULTRA DURABLE, which seems to mean "Fails one month out of warranty"

Also fun: It's literally going to be cheaper to get an AM4 board and a Ryzen 5 than to get a new X99 mainboard.

I think the real story here is that a city government has enough technical capability to actually keep backups.

BREAKING: I'm obligated to CW and explain my jokes to fragile people absolutely desperate to be offended, and obligated to "be nice" when they come out of the gate swinging over a joke they didn't get. More at 11.

Guys, just let it go. You played yourself. Move on, lmao.

Some people just can't help but make asses of themselves.

Earlier, I posted a joke about disabling the block layer in the Linux kernel, to bypass blocks on social media. Anybody familiar with Linux would know, the block layer is the part of the kernel that handles block devices, mainly storage, and some USB peripherals, like webcams.

The joke went over this poor mentally ill fellow's head, they screeched about it, then blocked me.

I hope she gets help soon.

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