I guess the best advice I can offer is:
* Bring some sort of camera, set it up while you're out of the room
* Be ready to name and shame hotels
* Inventory your stuff, know what was seized

(they like rounding up soldering irons and lockpick sets)

Making "goons barging into your room" a normal thing is gonna make hotel rape, theft, and spying skyrocket.

Was going through storage, found a very nice pewter pocketwatch I got on my trip to Ireland.

The clamshell case was destroyed during a police raid. Thanks, zeekill.


I'm a Linux user. Showing me an increasingly nice uptime is, for me, a reminder *not* to reboot the phone.

Lmao @fribbledom 's great balls post is clearly visible on The Verge' s article on Mastodon/Gab

Someone told me about an OS written by a single dude, who did it for God.

Playing with TempleOS.

The ActivityPub spec's overview shows an example of:

1) Alyssa asking Ben about a book she loaned him
2) Ben saying he'll have it to her tomorrow
3) Alyssa passive-aggressively subtweeting about it.

It's good that the documentation includes realistic examples. w3.org/TR/activitypub/#Overvie

Reached 600k points on Ekko on my main account yesterday, bringing my global total to over 3 million*

On the fourth anniversary of dude becoming available to play.

I mean... Yeah.

There's also looting after natural disasters.

Someone needs to tell "IBM X-Force" that LoserSquad was by no measure a hacktivist group. There was no moral or even political goal, half the children were literally going for fame.

guys come on at least ensure your mailer is properly configured before sending out the email blast about your breach

Looks like I'll have to turn off Facebook's encrypted messages. @protonmail appears to be wrapping the PGP-encrypted messages Facebook sends with another layer of PGP, causing this error.

This is what happens when pi-hole forwards to bind9 which fails to find dnsproxy so it recurses to pi-hole, which fowards to bind9, which fails to find dnsproxy, so it recurses to----

Also fun: /pol/ has discovered a list of printers in New Zealand and some Arab countries that expose telnet on port 9100. You know, the same port used by @hackergiraffe

Those of you who had "political memefare" in the what-will-unsecured-printers-do-next pool, come collect your winnings!

Let's talk about banning stuff. Books. Websites.

This graph shows ~3 months of posts on 4chan from New Zealand.

See that spike at the end? Where people posted one hell of a lot more than they used to? That's where New Zealand started blocking/banning 4chan.

Bans don't work.

Dear paid software vendors: Eugen can do it in under 15 seconds. 72 hours for a basic question is horseshit.

So, this looks like one of the first steps towards "Encrypted Facebook"... You can add a PGP public key in your profile. After doing so, you can ask that Facebook encrypts all email sent to you ***including password reset emails***

Gave them the public key for the relevant ProtonMail address, and there was no extra work.

If they're going to build end-to-end encrypted services on top of PGP, this could be super interesting.

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