Please compare: The "harassment" Molly White claims to have received (no screens tho 🤔)

And the real actual threats of physical violence I've received.

Cry me a fucking river, Molly.

Man I wish I was a woman so anything negative said to me was automatically considered harassment and anybody actually gave a damn.

@r000t May I ask about the context of those comments? What was the trigger?

@sith I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!!!!!

I made a website that said "beep boop now archiving!"

Damn those were aimed at you? You really shook the wasp nest.


And you know what @Gargron said when I reported it to him and his "official" flagship instance my main is instance blocked on?

He said I deserved it. For being too loud.

I wish I was valid, too.

...and they think they're the good guys :blobcatgrimacing:
@r000t man, what did you do to cause that shit storm?
all this looks like a bunch of idiots for ban to me.

These are the folks telling everybody else who to ban. So they themselves are exempt. I seriously wish I was joking.

@r000t from what I see they're school kids and idiots. I think I better block them on my server. because those who write such posts are not worth wasting time for them.
@r000t I actually did. idk, maybe it's proper to block the whole server if user root at some instance writes such shit. the whole instance looks like a bunch of jerks.
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